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March 29, 2022

Sketchfab is the web-based platform where we host the interactive, Touch 3D models included in our aviation theory ebooks. They lift the theory off the page, so you can visualise it better – and understand it faster.

Sketchfab celebrated its tenth birthday this week so we thought we’d explain a bit more about how and why we use this platform to enhance student pilot’s ground school studies.

The Touch 3D models are one of the most popular features of our books.  Our subject matter experts design them, and then our in-house graphic artists work their magic.

Student interactivity for pilot training 

Sketchfab launched in March 2012 as a simple 3D viewer that allowed creators to share their 3D models online, without the need for programming.

Over the years, the company developed the rendering quality and performance, adding new features and integrations and so, in 2017 Padpilot began experimenting with hosting visual content for our digital books there.

An important consideration for our editorial team was how to use 3D models in a way that benefits student pilots during ground school; help them learn with more understanding, or to grasp complex concepts more quickly.

Good looking visuals are nice to have of course, but we didn’t just want eye candy for the sake of it.

For us, increasing students’ interaction with the syllabus to deliver improved educational value is more important.

So our 3D models are designed to illuminate some of the trickier, or more conceptual parts of the PPL, CBIR and ATPL theory syllabus. Students can touch, rotate and explore the model visually, clicking on the annotations to learn more. They can be viewed from any angle and zoomed in on, and some have sound for extra realism.

Augmented and virtual reality

The Sketchfab platform also means we can create models that can be viewed in Virtual Realty (VR) with a set of basic VR goggles. This Airbus A380 flight deck looks amazing in VR. Since the release of Sketchfab’s iOS AR app, students can also explore some of our 3D models in augmented reality (AR) too.

Most models are available to explore exclusively within our books, but a few are available through our public channel here. Download the Sketchfab app if you’d like to view them in 3D and AR. 

At Padpilot, we provide the smartest educational materials for future pilots.

It’s our mission to help training organisations deliver an educational experience that promotes deep understanding of the subject matter, better knowledge retention that lasts well beyond the ground school phase of pilot training and, as a result, improved operating skills on the flight deck.

And we’ve always used the latest technology to do that. So, happy birthday Sketchfab! We look forward to seeing what the next ten years bring. 

Smarter Education

If you’re an instructor or pilot training organisation, and interested in discussing ground school solutions, please book an Exploration meeting with our Sales Director Cristina Messaggi.

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We really appreciate Padpilot books for ATPL(A) and ATPL(H) theory and have only positive feedback from our students. ATPL theory is really important for future professionals and Padpilot books are great supporting materials for students - not only for exams, but also for their future job.

O. Hajzler

CTKI, Czech Aviation FC

I'm ATPL distance learning with another training provider. Having come across your material and purchased the content for my current module, I find it far superior and will be purchasing the rest of your ATPL catalogue.



OMNI chose Padpilot as we believe in delivering the highest standards of learning experience, connecting new technologies and producing internationally competent individuals to the aviation industry. Receiving feedback from partner airlines about our pilot trainees who are technically ready and harnessed with leadership skills reaffirms this mission. With Padpilot, we help our trainees land a job and become Captain material.

J.P. A. Gomez


At Skypilot Academy, we believe that comprehensive theoretical knowledge training is fundamental to becoming a confident, safe, and efficient pilot. Padpilot's excellent training platform helps us achieve our objective.

Christopher Wik

Head Of Training , Skypilot Academy

I initially started my ATPLs with a different provider and got nowhere until I purchased the Padpilot iBooks. 6 months and fourteen exams later, I was done. Can highly recommend them!




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