Partner Schools

Adriana Aviation

We are delighted to introduce a new Padpilot partner ATO, Adriana Aviation, in Watorowo, Poland.

Adriana Aviation was founded in 1992 and is the oldest private aviation training centre in Poland.
The ATO offers EASA modular pilot training, as well as aircraft maintenance services, and we’re
proud to announce that we are now supplying teaching and learning materials for their EASA 2020 syllabus ATPL ground school.

The academy say their staff of highly qualified pilots, instructors and technicians pride themselves on training students to a fantastic level, as well as instilling respect for aviation traditions.

Adriana Aviation offer a full range of pilot training courses, including a full time, inclusive modular ATPL ground school where students can expect to complete their exams in 6-8 months.

For more information about commercial pilot training in Poland, please contact Adriana Aviation. We wish their student pilots every success!

For more information about Padpilot ground school solutions for ATOs, please get in touch.