Partner Schools

Aero Prague

Padpilot is delighted to announce Aero Prague as a new partner ATO (Approved Training Organisation) based at Prague Letnany Airport. Aero Prague was founded in 2011.

They operate a fleet of modern glass cockpit aircraft and a Piper Meridan G1000 simulator, and offer modular commercial pilot training courses
in the Czech Republic. In addition to the flight school, Aero Prague also offers aircraft rental, airtaxi services and sightseeing flights.

In November 2020, Aero Prague will launch their new, distance-learning EASA ATPL (A) theory course, using Padpilot ATPL ground school materials. The new course comprises 180 hours of classroom based theory lessons and seminars. “We’re very keen to work with Padpilot, as the provider of our new ATPL textbooks and learning materials,” said David Vávra from Aero Prague.
For more information about modular, commercial pilot training in the Czech Republic, please contact Aeroprague. We wish their students every success in their ATPL ground school