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We are delighted to announce that AstonFly is now a Padpilot ground school partner ATO (approved training organisation).

Astonfly was founded in 2004 and is now a leading flight school in France, training 150 pilots every year at Aéroport de Toussus le Noble, Châteaufort.

They offer a modular and integrated commercial pilot training programmes and have 30 modern training aircraft as well as simulators and classrooms. Astonfly are one of the first ATOs in France to begin using the EASA 2020 theoretical knowledge syllabus and we are delighted to provide Padpilot  materials for ATPL ground school. 

For more information about learning to fly in France, please contact AstonFly. Padpilot wishes their student pilots every success!

For ATOs – To find out about becoming a Padpilot ground school partner, please get in touch.