World class resources for leading ATOs

Every flight deck decision a pilot makes depends on theory learned, practiced and understood in the classroom.

Primacy matters. Foundational knowledge matters. Results matter.

Which is why initial ground training needs to deliver a relevant and holistic pilot education to our future pilots. Theoretical knowledge is not something to just ‘get through’ before the real flight training starts. And our partners feel the same.

That’s why we’ve designed theory materials that balance the requirements of the syllabus with the real-life, operational knowledge student pilots want and need. These are most advanced ground school resources available and will help your organisation deliver both exceptional exam results and important career preparation.

Attaining new heights starts on the ground.

  • Leading materials
  • Standardised lessons
  • Faster planning
  • Exam preparation
  • Career focus

When it comes to learning aids, we often introduce the newest technology to ensure our students are provided with tools for improving their learning experience and enhancing their understanding, yet are easily accessible. For this reason, we partnered with Padpilot and we are glad we made it happen!

E. Vescovo

CTKI, Canavia

With the introduction of the EASA 2020 syllabus, we wanted to modernise the theory material. Padpilot offered the most reliable, up-to-date, and interactive content. The extra features, such as Case Studies and TEM flags, add to our students’ learning experience, and our instructors can personalise the classroom presentations that work so well alongside the book content. We’re proud to be the first ATO in Germany to sign an agreement with Padpilot.

Aerotours GmbH Flight Training School

We’re very happy to start this new cooperation with Padpilot. We share the same vision of wanting to improve students’ knowledge, and, at the same time, pilot performance and safety with KSA100. Thanks to this support we didn’t stop operating, even during lockdown, continuing to teach classes online throughout. Our students’ safety is what matters the most to us.”

Capt. Calvano

President, Airways Aviation Esma

At L3 Harris, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality commercial pilot training in the market. It’s therefore important to work with third party suppliers that have best in class products and services on offer, ensuring we can support our cadets with the most up to date and innovative learning tools. We’re pleased to extend our contract with Padpilot and look forward to continuing to work with them in our shared aim to deliver world-class pilot training.

C. Rydon

L3Harris Airline Academy

To be able to provide flight training that's as good as possible, you need the right theoretical material. It’s important to be always up to date in this industry, and so we're very happy to use training materials that are digital and updated regularly.

G. Salminen


Flexible packages for pilot training providers

  • Pre-course resources
  • Advanced, interactive books
  • Instructor presentations
  • Learning management software
  • Support documentation
  • Outstanding support

The future of ground school is here. Our expert team creates engaging and genuinely useful theory books that give the next generation of pilots a thorough theoretical knowledge education that will serve them well for their entire career. Padpilot’s mission is to raise standards and improve pilot education. We’d love to have you onboard.

Graham Cownie – CEO, Padpilot.

Ground school options include:

Give students a flying start with pre-ATPL books that build knowledge of the industry, STEM and basic aviation theory.

Instructors tell us that many students benefit from plugging the gaps in their maths and science understanding and gaining valuable industry insights before ATPL theory studies begin.

With a secure foundation of relevant pre-course knowledge, students find the pace and rigour of ground school more manageable and achieve better results.

Advanced theory manuals

Easy to understand, interactive and engaging, these are the theory notes students want to read.

Thousands of Padpilot books are downloaded each month, all over the world, even by students provided with other notes for ground school. They appreciate the built-in study tools, visual learning content and revision summaries.

But it’s not just the illustrations and 3D models that bring the theory to life. Cross-subject links, threat & error management (TEM) flags and case studies put theory into context, while the end of chapter summaries and quizzes provide useful consolidation. 

Plus, we stay on top of changes and frequently publish free updates, amendments and enhancements to ensure our books are absolutely current. No out-of-date charts here!

Instructor presentations

Every lesson, ready to go. Our Keynote and Powerpoint presentations are ready to use for simple lesson planning and straightforward progression.

They’re designed to help standardise the teaching, and deliver the best flow of information. The slides mirror the book content, so students can build knowledge and understanding incrementally. And consolidate as they go.

We can also give partners access to images, videos and animations from our books in an unlocked format, so instructors can create customised teaching aids.

Learning Management System

Whether you’re offering full-time or distance-learning courses, a class of 5 or a cohort of 50, an easy way to track student progress and performance makes things run more smoothly. This is the job of the learning management system (LMS).

Padpilot ACE is ours and it stands for Assessment, Consolidation and Enhancement. It’s  used for delivering assessments to students and tracking their performance.

For ATOs with an urgent need to deliver the ATPL-A course to non-Apple devices, there is an option to have the course added to the LMS. Licensing is on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Support Documentation

Ease the admin load involved in initial approval or syllabus changeover with our comprehensive library of support documentation.

We’ll give you access to the training manual annexes and detailed syllabi needed to obtain formal approval from your Authority.

And we’ll provide a complete breakdown of course hours and modules plus a downloadable spreadsheet with every EASA Learning Objective reconciled to a paragraph, to help with Compliance.

24/7 Customer Support

We understand that moving from your current theory supplier can be a daunting prospect. So our Support Team provide practical help at every stage to make it turbulence-free.

They’ll send you the training manual annexes and syllabi, set up your LMS, explain how to download the books, supply instructor resources and make sure your staff and students have what they need.

And once everything is set up, we are still always at the end of the phone. Emails are monitored every day of the year and our dedicated Support team delivers ongoing assistance for partner schools.

Your ground school partner

Choosing a theory provider is an important decision. We understand you need results and content you can trust. Increasingly, Padpilot is the provider students ask for, too.

If you’d like to take a closer look at our ATO resources, or discuss becoming a partner, we’d love to hear from you. We’re here to help you deliver new heights in ground training.


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