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Why choose Padpilot for ground school?

Why choose Padpilot for ground school?

Choosing a theory provider for ground school is an important decision for ATOs. So why choose Padpilot?

We understand you need results. And content you can trust. Increasingly, Padpilot is the provider that students are asking for, too.

So it’s our mission to deliver the most innovative, advanced ground school materials for leading pilot training academies.Padpilot offers a superior learning experience for cadet pilots and enables Ground Instructors to build a firm foundation of theoretical knowledge that will set the tone for their students’ future flight deck careers, as well as exam success.

More than 70 partner organisations already benefit from the Padpilot brand. Our advanced, digital materials give your students what they need, and recruiting airlines what they want.

Padpilot's Books

Bring theory to life. Our books are packed with aviation case studies and threat and error management (TEM) key points. These demonstrate the importance and relevance of the subject matter.

Engage students. They’re thorough, comprehensive, easy to read and enjoyable. We get the level of detail just right, optimise the page layouts and fill each book with stunning imagery.

Make compliance straightforward. We reconcile every EASA Learning Objective down to a paragraph, and publish the results in downloadable spreadsheets.
Are always up to date. Our digital platform means that updates, amendments and enhancements are instantly available to staff and students. No out-of-date charts here.

Prioritise good teaching practice. We use the latest innovations in technology to deliver cutting edge teaching and learning resources for flight schools. For example, we were the first to introduce TEM flags, AV/VR models for ATPL theory and touch-3D models for ATPL instruction.

Padpilot's Books
Instructor Materials

Instructor Materials

Create stunning classroom presentations. We give partner ATOs the images, video and animations from our books in an easy-to use format, so instructors can create beautiful slides.

Customise your slides. We don’t lock our Keynote and Powerpoint sets. They’re fully editable so you can tailor your teaching.

Standardise content. The 2nd Edition ATPL classroom presentations are ready to use and designed to deliver the best flow of information and understanding.

Support for ATOs

Is always available. The Padpilot support team are always available by phone or email to assist with queries.

Eases the admin load. We’ll provide partner schools with a complete breakdown of course hours and modules.

Means ongoing updates. We operate a continuous programme of enhancements to our services, books and materials.

Support for ATOs

Join us. We’ll help you all the way

When you partner with Padpilot we make sure that every step of the process – from on-boarding to ongoing student support – is properly taken care of. Our schools around the world say the client support is unparalleled;  we’re always at the end of the phone and, above all, we want to help your ATO achieve new heights in ground training.

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