ATPL Education for the EASA 2020 Syllabus

January 27, 2020

Today is International Day of Education and we couldn’t let it pass without talking about educating the next generation of commercial pilots. It’s what drives us!

Providing cadet pilots with a solid and functional foundation of theoretical knowledge – as well as great exam results – has always been at the heart of Padpilot.

The new EASA 2020 syllabus ATPL books, launching at the end of March, will make this even easier. The chapters in each book will teach the knowledge needed to become a professional pilot. Sometimes, the text will go beyond the learning requirements of the EASA syllabus, where extra information is needed for a complete understanding of the operational role of an airline pilot.

Then, at the end of each chapter, there will be a new feature – the chapter summary. This section focuses on the essential knowledge needed for passing the regulatory exams, and directly relates to the EASA Learning Objectives. A quiz will then test each trainee pilot’s knowledge of the summary points, giving additional interactivity and knowledge reinforcement within the book itself.

Providing cadet pilots with a solid and functional foundation of theoretical knowledge has always been at the heart of Padpilot.
We’re looking forward to launching these new ATPL theory books, and the accompanying teaching presentations for ATOs soon. If you’d like to discover how Padpilot theoretical knowledge materials could support your pilot training academy or modular ground school through the EASA 2020 syllabus transition, please get in touch with

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At L3 Harris, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality commercial pilot training in the market. It’s therefore important to work with third party suppliers that have best in class products and services on offer, ensuring we can support our cadets with the most up to date and innovative learning tools. We’re pleased to extend our contract with Padpilot and look forward to continuing to work with them in our shared aim to deliver world-class pilot training.

C. Rydon

L3Harris Airline Academy

Love your books. They're improving big knowledge gaps I had, especially for Meteorology. And super nice job the way you designed the PoF book as well - it helps so much with understanding everything.

Michael Pace


We’re very happy to start this new cooperation with Padpilot. We share the same vision of wanting to improve students’ knowledge, and, at the same time, pilot performance and safety with KSA100. Thanks to this support we didn’t stop operating, even during lockdown, continuing to teach classes online throughout. Our students’ safety is what matters the most to us.”

Capt. Calvano

President, Airways Aviation Esma

Excellent work on the helicopter ATPL books - and desperately needed in a training environment where so many resources are based on fixed wing theory.

Jakob Dingemans


Thank you so much for your patience and outstanding customer service! I highly appreciate this helpful and efficient attitude, also the high level of customer service. Thanks a million again.




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