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Theoretical Knowledge for the ATPL – H

Commercial helicopter pilot training

Become a commercial helicopter pilot with ATPL (Helicopter) theory training and prepare for a career as professional single or multi-crew pilot.

An ATPL is the highest licence a pilot can obtain and stands for Airline Transport Pilot Licence. It is the official qualification you’ll need in order to fly in a multi-crew commercial operation.

To obtain an EASA ATPL (H) you must successfully complete a commercial pilot training programme at an EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO). Your training will consist of a combination of academic study and practical flight training.

What is ATPL theory?

The classroom phase of pilot training is known as ‘ground school’, or ‘ground training.’ Most helicopter pilots train via the ‘modular’ route – in other words, a step-by-step training programme that begins with a Private Pilot Licence (PPL-H). With a PPL (H), you can then move onto commercial training.

During commercial ground school you’ll study the theoretical knowledge required for the ATPL (H) and will take exams in subjects such as Helicopter Performance, Engines And Transmissions, Principles of Flight and Air Law.

The Padpilot approach to studying ATPL theory is designed with your commercial career in mind. Our books guide you through the knowledge required to pass the exams – but we also help prepare you for life in the cockpit.

Our ATPL (H) series is in development. We currently have 11 subjects ready to download, with the rest coming soon.

Available now:

  • ATPL (H) Mass and Balance 
  • ATPL (H) Helicopter Performance 
  • ATPL (H) Engines And Transmissions 
  • ATPL (H) Meteorology 
  • ATPL (H) Human Performance 
  • ATPL (H) Communications 
  • ATPL (H) Air Law
  • ATPL (H) Principles of Flight
  • ATPL (H) Flight Planning
  • ATPL (H) Operational Procedures
  • ATPL (H) Basic Instrumentation

Introducing Padpilot ATPL (H) Books

  • The first ATPL H eBook series written from scratch for helicopter pilots
  • Helicopter-specific content, graphics & case studies
  • Same interactive format as our best-selling ATPL (A) books
  • Easy to read explanations
  • New 3D models – Such as the model transmission system, animations and video explanations
  • Study aids included 
  • Regular, free updates ensure the most up to date content 
  • Extra insights which explain how the theory applies to the aviation world.
  • Case studies throughout describe accidents which relate to the topic
  • Threat and Error Management (TEM) flags show common threats or errors associated with the topic
  • Learning Objective summary at the end of each chapter
  • Interactive quizzes for self testing at the end of each chapter
  • Download just one ATPL H subject or the complete series
  • Available to download direct and from partner schools 

Padpilot solutions for ATPL (A) ground school

For ATOs interested in Padpilot materials for theoretical knowledge provision, we can offer bespoke packages of interactive instructor and student resources, support documentation and learning management systems for ground schools of all sizes.

More than 100 ATOs worldwide now use our materials and thousands of Padpilot ebooks are downloaded directly from iTunes every month.

Our ATPL (H) materials are in development and we will soon be able to offer ATOs a complete set of ATPL subject books and the corresponding classroom presentations for instructors. We also offer an updated Learning Management System that makes tracking student progress and results effortless.


Padpilot partner benefits:

✓  The most advanced ATPL theory books

✓  Regular, free updates so material is always current 

✓  Editable instructor presentations (coming soon)

✓  New PadpilotACE Learning Management System

✓  Course administration assistance

✓  Comprehensive technical support

✓  Unparalleled customer support


We can create a ground school package that suits you and your students, whatever the size of your organisation.

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