Bartolini Air Flight Training

Padpilot is delighted to welcome Bartolini Air Flight Training as a new partner ATO (Approved Training Organisation) based in Poland.

Bartolini Air began as a small flight school in 2006 and is now one of the largest pilot training centres in central Europe. They have trained over 1500 commercial pilots and offer modular and integrated ATPL courses, as well as Ryanair Mentored Programmes. Students benefit from learning to fly in new Tecnam aircraft at an international airport with an instrument runway.

The Ryanair Mentored Programme has both integrated and modular pathways. The integrated, ab-initio course is designed for candidates with no previous flight experience who want to become airline pilots in the shortest timeframe possible. The programme delivers a structured pathway to achieving a commercial pilot licence, and successful students reach the level of competence required to join the Ryanair B737 type-rating course.

Candidates with previous flight experience can also join the Ryanair Mentored Programme as a modular student, and only complete the more advanced modules.

We’re very proud to be providing the new syllabus materials to Bartolini Air.
Cadets at Bartolini will be among the first in Europe to begin using the new Padpilot EASA 2020 ATPL theory syllabus books. “We’re very proud to be providing the new syllabus materials to Bartolini Air. We hope their student pilots enjoy the new interactive features and updated content in the 2nd Edition books,” said Graham Cownie, Padpilot MD.

In addition to the flight school, Bartolini Air group comprises an executive charter operator, maintenance facility and an official dealership for Tecnam and Socata aircraft.

If you would like to learn to fly in central Europe, please get in touch with Bartolini Air. We wish their pilots every success in their training programmes.