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Czech Aviation FC

Introducing our new partner ATO, Czech Aviation FC in the Czech Republic.

The company was founded in 2010 as Jet For Trip, a private jet charter company, and the training arm, Czech Aviation FC, was created in 2016. A family run company, Czech Aviation FC offer a full range of pilot training courses for private and modular student pilots, including theory courses for aspiring commercial aeroplane and helicopter pilots at Mladá Boleslav Airport. 

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Partner Schools


Introducing our new partner ATO, Flight 4000 Aviation Academy in Denmark. 

Flight 4000 Aviation Academy offers a full range of pilot training courses for both private and modular commercial student pilots at their bases at Roskilde and Randers. With an emphasis on individual attention and personalised training, Flight 4000 offers students the chance to complete their training at a pace that suits them.  


Ian, new editor News

Meet Ian Young, new Editor in Chief

Meet Ian Young, Padpilot’s new Editor in Chief.

We’re excited to welcome Ian Young to the Padpilot community. Over the past couple of years Padpilot has been growing rapidly; developing and updating our range of aviation theory books and working with more than 100 excellent partner ATOs and students worldwide. We recently announced our 200,000th book download and we’re currently developing a new ATPL book series for Helicopter pilots.

As we’ve grown, we’ve been looking for just the right person to join the team and help take our ground school resources to the next level. And now we’ve found him!

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We’re hiring

Job Vacancy: Commercial Helicopter Pilot Consultant

Join our creative, pioneering, friendly team. We’re looking for a highly experienced commercial helicopter pilot, with extensive knowledge of advanced helicopter avionics, to help us create the definitive ATPL (H) Instruments book.

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Giveaway banner News

200,000 Celebration Giveaway

This month we hit an exciting milestone. The number of downloads of our digital aviation theory books has now reached over 200,000! And, to celebrate, we are holding our biggest giveaway yet! 

200,000 books equates to a huge number of student pilots who’ve read, watched, memorised, questioned, digested, grappled with and understood the theoretical knowledge syllabus on their way to becoming licensed private or commercial pilots.

We’re proud to be a part of so many pilot training journeys.

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