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CA Crew Academy

We’d like to introduce our new partner ATO,  CA Crew Academy in Larnaca, Cyprus.

CA Crew Academy offers integrated and modular ATPL(A) programmes with a focus on quality training though small classes and a great instructor to student ratio. The favourable climate offers more than 300 days of VFR training per year.

“Choosing Padpilot as our ground school provider complements the high standards we have in all aspects of our training. Padpilot’s materials and the new student progress monitoring tools are the best quality – it’s a great match!” said George Chrysostomou, Head of Training.

Padpilot is delighted to begin providing CA Crew Academy with ground school materials for PPL (A) and the new EASA ATPL 2020 theoretical knowledge syllabus.

For more information about learning to fly in Cyrus, please contact CA Crew Academy. We wish their student pilots every success!