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Theoretical Knowledge for the CBIR

Competency-Based Instrument Rating for private pilots

For experienced private pilots who want to learn to fly in cloud, in any class of airspace, but don’t want to become commercially qualified – the Competency-Based Instrument Rating (CBIR) is ideal.

The CBIR is a more practical approach to gaining an Instrument Rating and takes account of your existing flying experience. The emphasis is on practical flying skills but there are still theory exams that must be passed before flight training can begin.

The Padpilot 2021 CBIR book series has been fully updated for the forthcoming CBIR/EIR syllabus changes and contains the specific knowledge you need for the CBIR in an easy to read format, alongside explanatory interactive content and study aids.

Introducing Padpilot CBIR Books

  • 7 CBIR digital textbooks cover the full TK syllabus
  • Fully updated for 2021 onwards
  • Easy to read text 
  • Touch 3D models, animations and video content bring theory to life
  • Study aids included
  • Regular, free updates mean book content is always current
  • Summary pages and interactive quizzes for easier exam preparation
  • Download just one subject or all 7 ebooks
  • PPL theoretical knowledge required
  • Available to download direct and from partner schools

Padpilot solutions for CBIR ground school

If your training organisation offers, or would like to offer, a Competency-Based Instrument Rating, our CBIR theory books deliver a comprehensive and thorough course for the theoretical knowledge element.

Padpilot CBIR books are based on our best-selling ATPL series but have been carefully adapted for the new 2021 CBIR syllabus. Each subject contains easy to understand text with plenty of visual content and, at the end of each chapter, a summary of the Learning Objectives and interactive, self-test quizzes to make knowledge consolidation and exam preparation straight forward.

  • 7 comprehensive theory books deliver the complete CBIR TK course
  • Interactive, clear content for self study and instructor-led classes
  • Based on our best-selling ATPL books
  • New end of chapter LO summaries and quizzes for knowledge consolidation
  • ATO Learning Management System available
  • Comprehensive technical and customer support from our Support Team


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