These 3D models are either created by, or licensed to, Padpilot. Partner ATOs may use them for educational purposes.

Individuals may view and use these models for private purposes, provided that no attempt is made to remove the Padpilot logo


Emirates Boeing 767

A low-poly model for quick loading. Useful for demonstrating key airframe features

BA Boeing 737

An annotated B737 naming the key features of an airframe.

Etihad Airbus A380

An Etihad A380. Useful for showing and numbering a 4-engine configuration.

Cirrus SR 22

A Cirrus SR22. Our standard model for most light aircraft illustrations.


Boeing 777 Cockpit

A Boeing 777 cockpit. Relatively detailed but the shapes of small items, such as knobs and switches, have been simplified to reduce the complexity.

Airbus A38 Cockpit

Airbus A380 cockpit. Relatively detailed and VR ready. The shapes of small items, such as knobs and switches, have been simplified to reduce the complexity.


Fuselage: aluminium structure

Generic conventional aluminium fuselage structure

Fuselage: composite structure

A carbon composite fuselage barrel based on the Boeing 787. Created by winding fibre tow onto a mandrel. (Airbus uses a different system).

Airbus A300 Fuselage Cross-section

Cross section of an Airbus A300 fuselage with cabin equipment and cargo.

Wing Torsion Box

A much simplified Boeing 787 wing torsion box. The actual wing box curves up and back towards the wing tip.

B787 Centre Wing Box

B787 centre wing box. A mixed composite/metal structure which clearly shows the aircraft keel.

B787 Empennage

A simplified view of the major structural components of the B787 empennage.

Engine pylon and Thrust Struts

Generic engine/pylon mounting showing the thrust struts. Incidentally shows details of the wing leading edge structure.

Engine Pylon (Detailed)

Detailed look at the engine pylon


THS Trim Screwjack

Trimmable horizontal stabiliser screwjack and motors.

A330 Fuel Tanks

Airbus A330 fuel tanks and fuel trim tanks

High Lift Devices and Spoilers

Boeing 787 in the landing configuration showing the high lift devices and spoiler deployed.

Disc Brake

Generic disc brake similar to those used on light aircraft

Emergency Escape Slides

Emergency slides deployed. (Overwing exits aren’t open due to the limitations of the 3D model).


4-Stroke 4-cylinder Engine

A small 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine complete with components. ULPower UL260i.

4-stroke 6-cylinder Piston Engine

4-stroke 6 cylinder piston engine. The Continental IO 550. Useful for showing component including the CSU governor.

V6 Crankshaft and Pistons

A animated V6. Uncommon in aircraft but useful for showing the general arrangement of pistons and crankshaft, including the crankshaft counterweights.

Piston Assembly

A detailed looked at the piston assembly.

Piston Engine Valve Gear

Detailed look at the valve gear including the tappets and tappet clearance.

Dash 8 Q400 Powerplant

A general view of the Dash-8 engine and propeller system.

CFM-56 Dressed

A highly detailed look at the external components of the CFM 56. This is a complex model which takes time to load.

CFM 56 Fan Assembly

The modular fan assembly of the CFM 56.

N1 Spool

A generic N1 spools showing the fan, shaft and associated turbine section.

Combustor Section

A detailed look at a TAPS combustor

B737 Throttle Quadrant

A detailed looked at the engine and other controls mounted on the VB737 throttle quadrant.

HP Compressor

Anatomy of a typical high pressure compressor section.


Gyroscope Principles

Demonstrating rigidity in intertial space

Attitude Indicator: Conventional

A conventional electro-mechanical attitude indicator.

Navigation Concepts

Solar Year: Earth Orbit

The Earth’s orbit during one solar year. With annotations. This animation shows the orbit of the Earth around the Sun along the Ecliptic over the course of one solar year.

Plane of the Ecliptic

The plane of the ecliptic and the Sun’s apparent path over the surface of the Earth

Earth: Key Features

A 3D model of the Earth, featuring key points of interest and showing both magnetic dip poles and geomagentic poles.

Infinite Great Circles

Examples of infinite great circles for routes to the opposite sides of the Earth.

Great Circle vs Small Circle

A small circle is any circle on the surface of the Earth whose centre is not at the centre of the Earth. The arc of a small circle between two points is greater than that of the great circle.

Great Circle Route on the Earth

The shortest route between two points across the surface of the Earth is the arc of the great circle that passes between them. We show the arc of a great circle between points A and B , with the complete great circle continuing right around the Earth

A Great Circle Track

This model show the change of great circle track compared to the constant rhumb line track.

Great Circle vs Rhumb Line Distance

This shows the cross-track difference between short and long tracks at different latitudes, N30° and N80°.

Great Circle vs ‘Direct’ Route

This shows the difference between the great circle track, following the surface of the Earth, the obvious route for any airborne vehicle compared with the theoretical shortest (underground) route. 

Great Circles and Rhumb Lines

This model shows a variety of great circles and rhumb lines on the surface of the Earth.

Great Circles and Rhumb Lines Relative to Equator

This shows that the rhumb line is always on the equatorial side of the great circle and is a track of constant bearing. The great circle is always on the polar side of the rhumb line. Except for the Equator and meridians of longitude, change bearing.

GPS Teach 1

This shows that the intersection of 2 spheres produces a circular line of position.

GPS Teach 2

Adding a third circle reduces the possible positions to just two points on the surface of a sphere.

GPS Teach 3

Adding a 4th sphere eliminates 1 of the two points. 4 satellites are needed to fix your position.

Satellite Constellation

A constellation of satellites is required to give global coverage 24/7.

Human Physiology

Human Anatomy

A general look at musculature, the skeleton and the location of internal organs.

The Human Heart

Animation showing the contraction of the myocardium and operation of the heart valves.

The Pulmonary System

Detail of the pulmonary system and relative location of the heart.

Meteorology and Climate

Earth: Mean Surface Temperature

The mean surface temperature over land.

Earth: Mean Sea Surface Temperature

The mean surface sea temperatures.

Earth: Mean Humidity

Mean humidity levels across the Earth’s surface.

Earth: Vegetation

Showing the general areas of vegetation and arid regions.

Location of Jet Stream

Showing the location of a jet stream relative to the cold and warm air masses

Anatomy of a Front

The key features of a polar front.

Principles of Flight

2D Airflow

A CFD visualisation of the 2D flow at one point along an infinite aerofoil

Dynamics of Spinning

An animation showing a theoretical spin. The aircraft is falling down a helical path.

Lift Distribution: A380

A model showing the almost elliptical pattern of lift distribution on a well-designed wing.

B737 High Lift Devices

An animation showing the extensions and retraction of the B737’s high lift devices.

Nacelle Strake

Showing the vortex created by the engine nacelle strake when at high alpha.

Aircraft Surface Pressure

A depiction of static surface pressure across a generic wing and upper fuselage surfaces. Caution: the low surface is not accurately modelled.

Propeller Blade

Key features of a typical light piston aircraft propeller blade.


An explanation of the root causes of the P-factor

Law/Operational Procedures

The Obstacle Free Zone

The complex planes defining the obstacle free zone around a runway.


Robinson R22 Helicopter

Animated 3D model of the R22, showing engine and rotor running.

AS350 Transmission Main Gearbox and Rotor

A comprehensive look at the transmission and rotor of a gas turbine powered helicopter.