Partner Schools

Corflight School

Padpilot is delighted to welcome Corflight School as a new partner ATO (Approved Training Organisation) in Spain.

Founded in 2003, Corfight is based at Cordoba Airport in southern Spain where the weather allows students to fly 300 days a year. They specialise in modular pilot training, and students can complete all licences from Private Pilot Licence and ATPL theory to CPL, MEIR and MCC, resulting in a ‘frozen’ ATPL which qualifies them to apply for First Officer roles.

Corflight is supported by the TA ESPEJO airline group who have a fleet of 30 aircraft and conduct firefighting, air treatment, air taxi, and parachute launching activities. Many of their graduate pilots secure their first professional flying role with TA ESPEJO.

We’re proud to be providing Corflight trainee pilots with ground school materials for modular ATPL theory distance learning. If you’d like to learn to fly in southern Spain, please get in touch with Corflight School. We wish their pilots every success!