Syllabus Update

EASA 2020 ATPL Theory Syllabus Update

The new EASA 2020 ATPL theoretical knowledge syllabus is on the way and our development team are busy preparing a new set of completely up to date digital manuals ready for the new syllabus TK examinations in January 2020.

Several of the ATPL subject Books are now completely updated and under review with some of our partners. The full set of new syllabus manuals, plus classroom presentation slides for instructors, will be available to Padpilot partner schools from October this year to allow time for adequate preparation for the first new examinations. There will be an overlap with the current syllabus, however, although it has not been announced yet how long this will be.

In most cases, the new syllabus Learning Objectives were already addressed in our existing ATPL material.

In most cases, the new syllabus Learning Objectives were already addressed in our existing ATPL material as we had already identified the gaps in the training requirement. But there is also some new content as well as existing content needing to be re-ordered between subjects to match the structure of the new syllabus.

In addition to the content updates, we are adding many more augmented reality (AR) interactive models and animations to the new Books in order to create an even more immersive learning experience. As before, our interactive Books are inspired by evidence-based training, with content that ‘shows’ as well as ‘tells’ the facts. Research shows that this results in a better understanding of the material and better long term knowledge retention, which is highly beneficial for ATPL exam success and, later, on the flight deck.

Our current Human Performance and Limitations ATPL Book, for example, contains a spinning animation of The Human Body, but in the new syllabus ‘2nd Edition’ Book, the Human Body model will be in 3D and viewable in AR, allowing students to study the topic more interactively and in more depth.

If you would like more information about our ATPL ground school Books and presentation slides for the new 2020 syllabus, please get in touch with Sales Director, Cristina Messaggi.