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We’re looking forward to connecting with colleagues, friends and future partners at EATS 2023.  

Meet Nathan Gray, our new Head of Learning and Development, and hear about exciting new innovations for theoretical knowledge learning at booth 714.

Come and say hello at the event or book a meeting with Sales Director Cristina Messaggi and let us help you achieve new heights in ground training.

Why Padpilot? 

  • Available for all devices
  • 140+  partners
  • 300,000+ book downloads
  • Regular free updates
  • Videos voiced by humans
  • LO revision quizzes
  • Question bank partnership
  • Career focus
  • Classroom presentations
  • Instructor resources
  • Support with transfer or approval
  • Comprehensive customer care

Introducing Nathan Gray

Nathan is a former high-risk test pilot, fighter pilot and fast jet flight instructor. Part of the ground breaking F-35 development program, he conducted the first F-35 launch and recovery on the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers and is one of the British armed forces’ most decorated pilots.

At EATS 2023, we’re delighted to introduce Nathan as our new Head of Learning and Development. Since 2011, Padpilot has led the way with next-generation learning for student pilots and now with Nathan on the team, we’re excited to be taking our educational resources to even greater heights. Watch this space!

Nathan Gray

EASA TK solutions 


  • Digital books for all devices
  • Classroom presentations
  • Trackable progress tests & reports
  • Enhanced LMS
  • Feedback question bank
  • EASA documentation
  • LO cross-referencing
  • Technical support
  • Comprehensive customer care

To be able to provide flight training that's as good as possible, you need the right theoretical material. It’s important to be always up to date in this industry, and so we're very happy to use training materials that are digital and updated regularly.

G. Salminen


We’re very happy to start this new cooperation with Padpilot. We share the same vision of wanting to improve students’ knowledge, and, at the same time, pilot performance and safety with KSA100. Thanks to this support we didn’t stop operating, even during lockdown, continuing to teach classes online throughout. Our students’ safety is what matters the most to us.”

Capt. Calvano

President, Airways Aviation Esma

Excellent work on the helicopter ATPL books - and desperately needed in a training environment where so many resources are based on fixed wing theory.

Jakob Dingemans

AW169 HEMS SFO , www.PilotsWhoAskWhy.com

When it comes to learning aids, we often introduce the newest technology to ensure our students are provided with tools for improving their learning experience and enhancing their understanding, yet are easily accessible. For this reason, we partnered with Padpilot and we are glad we made it happen!

E. Vescovo

CTKI, Canavia

We believe in the flexibility that distance learning offers, while accepting no sacrifices in terms of quality of learning. A vital part of achieving this goal is to have access to up-to-date, solid, and digitally advanced learning materials. Padpilot offers this and we’re eager to get started.

O. M. Walberg

CEO, Oslo Flight Training

Trusted by instructors 

More than 140 training organisations, universities and air forces around the world choose Padpilot materials to deliver a modern, engaging theory education for the next generation of pilots.

Each month more schools become Padpilot partners. Together we are delivering new heights in ground training and we’d love to have you onboard.

Loved by students

Student pilots have downloaded more than 300,000 Padpilot iBooks since we launched in 2011.

And now our best-selling theory books are available on all devices: Android, Apple and desktops.

Get the leading theory notes for Pilot Foundations, PPL(A), ATPL(A) and ATPL(H) on your existing device with a subscription to the multi-device eReader platform.

Theoretical knowledge comes to life with Padpilot. Explore the full range of courses below.

New at EATS 2023

We’re excited to show you some new developments for training providers at EATS 2023. If you can’t meet us at the event, please email the team via the button below. 


  • eReader content platform for all devices
  • New and enhanced Learning Management Software
  • AI resources in development

Next steps

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