A smarter theory education in initial pilot training

 Padpilot at APATS 2023

We’re exited to be in Singapore for APATS this year. At Booth 110 we’ll be demonstrating the latest ground school resources for pilot training, including our new multi-device content platform, the Padpilot eReader.

We know that pilot training providers need TK resources that support a holistic training philosophy, deliver exceptional results, and give instructors up-to-date content they can trust.

Check out our ground school solutions below. Padpilot materials enable organisations to deliver a smarter education for the next generation of pilots. 

Book a meeting with Sales Director Cristina Messaggi today, and see how Padpilot can take your ground training to new heights.

Padpilot benefits 

  • Theory books for all devices 
  • Ready-to-use lessons
  • Easier planning & tracking 
  • Revision and exam preparation
  • Case studies, TEM & career focus

Theory courses available

Explore our best selling resources for these theory courses

Pilot Foundation Course

Choose your bespoke package 

  • Interactive books
  • Up to date content
  • Quizzes & progress tests
  • Instructor presentations
  • Learning management systems
  • Compliance & admin assistance
  • Technical support
  • Customer care

We are thrilled to start cooperation with Padpilot. Thanks to this partnership we are able to provide our students with the best theoretical knowledge.

Royal Star

Padpilot are ahead of the game; the books are beautiful, well structured and include the KSA areas for the 2020 EASA requirements. They’ve implemented new technology, such as AR and are a good match for our training philosophy which is, ‘personal pilot training, in style’. Padpilot books are convenient, paperless, and a fun way for students to study. And of course, Padpilot always offers great customer service.

K. Vereeken

CEO, Europilot Centre

When it comes to learning aids, we often introduce the newest technology to ensure our students are provided with tools for improving their learning experience and enhancing their understanding, yet are easily accessible. For this reason, we partnered with Padpilot and we are glad we made it happen!

E. Vescovo

CTKI, Canavia

We’re very pleased with our move to Padpilot – both for the PPL course, and also very much for our new CB-IR course, where the Padpilot team did an amazing job getting the course up and running in a very short time. We’ve been dealt with very professionally - we’ve had a great beginning and we’re very happy to be onboard.

R. Danielsen

CTKI, Flight 4000

Our aim is to set a new training standard within our industry for how to educate commercial pilots. We come with massive experience within the aviation training industry and we know where to set the standards. Therefore we chose Padpilot's platform and materials as we want the cutting edge of training materials, fit for the high training standards we set.

Ole Moldt Jensen

Accountable Manager, Dansk Pilot Uddannelse

Trusted by instructors worldwide

More than 140 training organisations, universities and air forces around the world choose Padpilot materials to deliver a modern, engaging theory education for the next generation of pilots.

Every month more schools become partners. Together we are delivering new heights in ground training and we’d love to have you onboard.

Loved by students everywhere

Dynamic, engaging, easy to understand.

Trainee pilots have downloaded more than 300,000 Padpilot ebooks since we launched in 2011.

Many of those downloads have been through Padpilot partner schools, and many are also downloaded by students who prefer Padpilot ebooks to the ones provided by their own ATO.

Theory comes to life with Padpilot books. Check them out below. 

New at APATS

We’re excited to show you some new developments for ATOs/DTOs/training providers that we’ve recently launched: 


  • New iOS app
  • New Android app
  • Browser options
  • New and enhanced LMS

Next steps

Book an in-person Exploration Meeting with Sales and Business Development Director Cristina here or via WhatsApp +41 7667 25150 during the event or, virtually, after the event.