Thank you for visiting Padpilot at the European Airline Training Symposium 2022 in Berlin.

Choosing an ATPL theory provider for your organisation is an important decision. We understand you need results, and up-to-date content you can trust. Padpilot is the publisher most students request, too.

We take advantage of tech innovations to develop immersive courseware for trainee pilots, but it’s not just about the technology. Behind it all is the drive to raise standards in ground training and, as a result, pilot safety.

Padpilot advanced ground school resources will help your organisation deliver both exceptional exam results and important career preparation. Please do get in touch for a chat with Sales Director, Cristina Messaggi via email or WhatsApp: +41 7667 25150.

Bringing ATPL theory to life

  • Leading materials
  • Standardised lessons
  • Faster planning
  • Exam preparation
  • Career focus

Theory courses

Explore our best selling resources for each course below and download samples from our Apple Bookstore. (Android options coming soon).


Flexible solutions for training providers

  • Interactive theory books
  • Regularly updated content
  • Quizzes & progress tests
  • Instructor presentations
  • Learning management systems
  • Compliance & admin assistance
  • Technical support
  • Customer care

We chose Padpilot because of their high-quality training material presented in a user friendly format.

Green Flight Academy

We are thrilled to start cooperation with Padpilot. Thanks to this partnership we are able to provide our students with the best theoretical knowledge.

Royal Star

OMNI chose Padpilot as we believe in delivering the highest standards of learning experience, connecting new technologies and producing internationally competent individuals to the aviation industry. Receiving feedback from partner airlines about our pilot trainees who are technically ready and harnessed with leadership skills reaffirms this mission. With Padpilot, we help our trainees land a job and become Captain material.

J.P. A. Gomez


ASG has been a Padpilot training partner since 2015; we are very pleased with the standard of the iBooks, together with the other training materials provided. A key part of our role is enabling learners to assimilate complex material in a meaningful and practical way. The quality of the visual elements and animations contained within Padpilot books enriches the learning process by bringing these complex theories to life in a way that makes the information easier to retain for exams, and also to apply practically when our graduates become airline pilots. This, combined with our real-world subject matter experts who facilitate both remote and in-person learning at ASG, allows us to deliver high-quality training to our ATPL and PPL students. We've always been very appreciative of the relationship we enjoy with the entire Padpilot team and are grateful for the quality of their fantastic training materials.

Diarmuid O'Riordan


To be able to provide flight training that's as good as possible, you need the right theoretical material. It’s important to be always up to date in this industry, and so we're very happy to use training materials that are digital and updated regularly.

G. Salminen


Trusted by ATOs

More than 140 training organisations, universities and air forces from across the globe choose Padpilot materials to deliver a modern, engaging theory education for the next generation of pilots. Every month more schools become partners as the movement to raise standards in ground school continues.

Loved by students

Trainee pilots have downloaded more than 300,000 Padpilot ebooks since Padpilot launched in 2011. Many have been downloaded by our partner school students, but many have also been downloaded by students who prefer Padpilot books to the ones provided by their own ATO. Padpilot books are dynamic, engaging and easy to understand. 

New at EATS

We’re excited to preview some new developments coming soon to Padpilot partner ATOs. For more details on any of these new products, please contact Cristina Messaggi via email or WhatsApp: +41 7667 25150.


  • New iOS app
  • Android & browser options
  • New and enhanced LMS
  • New CBT content for exam prep 

Next steps

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