Heading for a flight deck career?

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Padpilot creates interactive ebooks and training resources used by flight schools and training organisations all over the world to teach student pilots their aviation theoretical knowledge.

So while we can’t teach you how to fly, we can help you ace the theory exams you’ll need for your pilot licences.

We have lots of useful information for aspiring and student pilots, including how to choose the right course, school and study method over on our Students page.

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How to become a pilot

You can learn to fly for fun with a Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) or (Helicopter) or become a professional pilot and fly passenger airliners, cargo, corporate jets or helicopters commercially with an Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

If you want to work as a pilot, you’ll need to decide on either a modular (step by step) pathway or an (all in one) integrated course.

Different courses suit different budgets, time frames and lifestyles, but the qualification you gain at the end of the process is the same.

Get all the info you need in this blog post.

Theory courses

Already know what you need to study?

Explore Padpilot interactive ebooks for each course below:

Pilot Foundation Course 



Flexible solutions for training providers

  • Interactive theory books
  • Regularly updated content
  • Quizzes & progress tests
  • Instructor presentations
  • Learning management systems
  • Compliance & admin assistance
  • Technical support
  • Customer care

Maths and Physics for Pilots

Do you need to be maths genius to be a pilot?

Surprisingly, no…

But you will need a good ‘high-school level’ of competency, plus quick mental maths skills.

If your maths skills are a little tired, our free ebook will bring your knowledge back up to speed. You’ll get a simple refresher on all the maths and physics basics you need to know before beginning pilot training.

This little book has helped thousands of future pilots prepare for selection and ground school. Download it now and get ready for your future training.

ATPL theory help

Are you a student pilot, but your school doesn’t use Padpilot books for ground school? Don’t worry.

You don’t have to be enrolled with a Padpilot partner school to use our books.

Anyone can download a single ATPL(A) subject from the Apple Book Store (Apple devices only) or get a complete set for 3 devices (of any type: Apple, Android and browser) on our eReader platform.

And, if you’re studying by yourself at home or via Distance Learning, you can get our free study guide here.

Padpilot books make studying incredibly easy because you can search keywords for specific subject areas.



Padpilot make reading more enjoyable - the learner can interact with the book and it’s a pleasure to study, in comparison to other similar products on the market.



Thank you so much for your patience and outstanding customer service! I highly appreciate this helpful and efficient attitude, also the high level of customer service. Thanks a million again.



Padpilot helps me learn because of the range of media they use. The videos, pictures, 3D models and animations all make studying easier and more enjoyable.



Love your books. They're improving big knowledge gaps I had, especially for Meteorology. And super nice job the way you designed the PoF book as well - it helps so much with understanding everything.

Michael Pace


Find a pilot training school

Choosing where to enrol for pilot training is a big decision. It’s your dream – and a big investment – so you want to get it right.

There are small flying clubs and international academies – so how do you choose the right one for your future career?

We have more than 140 organisations worldwide that use Padpilot materials to deliver a modern, engaging theory education for the next generation of pilots. They’re all partners in excellence, delivering best-practice pilot training, so check them out. Many are at Pilot Expo!

We recommend visiting each school you’re considering – and read our blog on the 13 questions to ask training organisations before you go.

Best selling books

Trainee pilots have downloaded more than 300,000 Padpilot ebooks since we launched in 2011.

Many of those downloads have been from Padpilot partner schools, but many are also downloaded by students who prefer Padpilot books to the ones provided by their own ATO.

Check out all the interactive features and find out why we add case studies, TEM flags and interactive content over on our Product pages.