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Theory courses

Explore the leading ground school materials for theoretical knowledge education.

Discover our innovative student and instructor resources for fixed wing and rotary pilot training below.


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We found that the quality of Padpilot materials was just what we have been looking for - plus the whole system setup and all the features - it was just a perfect match.

Jonas Hyldgaard

CTKI, Copenhagen Air Taxi

With the introduction of the EASA 2020 syllabus, we wanted to modernise the theory material. Padpilot offered the most reliable, up-to-date, and interactive content. The extra features, such as Case Studies and TEM flags, add to our students’ learning experience, and our instructors can personalise the classroom presentations that work so well alongside the book content. We’re proud to be the first ATO in Germany to sign an agreement with Padpilot.

Aerotours GmbH Flight Training School

We chose Padpilot because of their high-quality training material presented in a user friendly format.

Green Flight Academy

As we are committed to using the best available resources for training and management we naturally selected Padpilot. The quality of material and a convenient LMS allows EFTA to deliver classroom, distance learning and hybrid courses.

Olivier Josse

Head of Training, European Flight Training Academy

To be able to provide flight training that's as good as possible, you need the right theoretical material. It’s important to be always up to date in this industry, and so we're very happy to use training materials that are digital and updated regularly.

G. Salminen


Trusted worldwide

More than 140 training organisations, universities and air forces globally choose Padpilot materials to deliver a modern, engaging theory education for their trainee pilots.  

Together we’re delivering new heights in ground training and we’d love to have you onboard.

Loved by students

Thousands of student pilots have been relying on Padpilot content to prepare for their TK exams and future careers since we launched the first interactive iPad books in 2011. 

Many of those students are enrolled with Padpilot partner schools, and others – who aren’t provided with Padpilot books by their ATO – purchase them anyway, because they prefer the simple language and interactive learning features they contain. Our books are dynamic, engaging and easy to understand, bringing aviation theory to life for a more memorable ground school. 

New at Pilot Expo

We’re excited to show you some new developments for pilot training providers our team has been working on.

For more information on our new products and future developments, please contact Cristina via email or WhatsApp +41 7667 25150.


  • PPL(H)
  • New resources (coming soon)
  • AI learning aids (coming soon)
  • New and enhanced LMS

Next steps

Discover how Padpilot ground school resources can support your ATO to deliver a smarter education for the next generation of pilots.

Book an in-person Exploration Meeting with Sales and Business Development Director Cristina here or via WhatsApp +41 7667 25150 during the event or, virtually, after the event.