Partner Schools


Introducing our new partner ATO, Flight 4000 Aviation Academy in Denmark. 

Flight 4000 Aviation Academy offers a full range of pilot training courses for both private and modular commercial student pilots at their bases at Roskilde and Randers. With an emphasis on individual attention and personalised training, Flight 4000 offers students the chance to complete their training at a pace that suits them.  

They’re one of the first ATOs to begin using our new EASA 2021 CBIR books and we are delighted to partner with them for both PPL and CBIR ground school. 

“We are very pleased with our move to Padpilot – both for the PPL course, and also very much for our new CB-IR course, where the team did an amazing job getting the course up and running in a very short time. We have been dealt with very professionally and I can only say that we’ve had a great beginning and we’re very happy to be onboard” Rene Danielsen, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Flight 4000 

For more information about learning to fly in Denmark, please contact Flight 4000 Aviation Academy . We wish their student pilots every success!

For ATOs: To find out more about Padpilot ground school packages for aviation academies and ground schools, please get in touch.