@FlyingwithAmy x Padpilot PPL-A Book Giveaway 

@FlyingwithAmy x Padpilot PPL Book Giveaway 

Win a complete set of PPL-A ebooks 

Learn to fly with a Private Pilot Licence

If you’d like to fly as pilot in command of a light aircraft. or are choosing a modular route to becoming a commercial pilot, then you’ll need a Private Pilot Licence. Alongside PPL flying lessons, you’ll also need to study the theoretical knowledge syllabus and pass the regulatory PPL exams before you can gain your licence.

The Padpilot PPL book set contains everything you need to know for the PPL theory exams, and to become a safe, private pilot. 

Studying with Padpilot digital manuals is easy.

The books are portable, interactive and even come with their own study aids. They can be downloaded onto any Apple device and are written by experienced pilots and instructors especially for new pilots. Everything is explained simply and the handy search feature means you can look up any unfamiliar terms as you go. We also include hundreds of diagrams, interactive animations and videos to help bring the syllabus to life. 

Padpilot PPL Book features

  • 9 digital books which cover the full EASA/CAA PPL (A) syllabus 
  • FREE introductory Maths and Physics book also available
  • Easy to read explanations 
  • Animations and video explanations make studying easier
  • Make digital notes and revision cards within the books
  • Regular (free) updates mean you’re always studying the correct content  
  • Extra, practical information included to help you become a better pilot 
  • Ideal for the first stage of modular commercial pilot training 
  • No previous knowledge required

Once you have a PPL (A), if you want to ‘go commercial,’ the next stage is ATPL ground school, the academic phase of commercial flight training. Our PPL and ATPL theory books complement each other, so moving on to the ATPL books after PPL will be a seamless transition.

The prize

A complete set of Padpilot PPL(A) Theory ebooks

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation and Radio Aids
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Communications
  • Maths and Physics (free)

Usually £14.99 each (apart from Maths and Physics)  *Please note an Apple device is required to redeem the prize*

Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

The winner will be selected at random on 17 April 2022. Padpilot and @flyingwithamy’s decision on any aspect of the competition is final and binding, and no correspondence will be entered into. No cash equivalent will be given. The prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable and only compatible with Apple devices. The winner will have 28 days to claim the prize and must have an Apple ID, plus an Apple device. The winner will receive voucher codes and instructions for downloading their prize by email. By entering any Padpilot competition you are granting permission for Padpilot to use your name in publicity or social media platforms should you win.