The Foundation Course Information for ATOs

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The Padpilot Foundation course serves two purposes:

  • It provides career advice for those thinking about a career in aviation and guidance on choosing the most suitable ATO.
  • It provides the basic underpinning knowledge of physics and maths required by ATPL students.

Many prospective students have very little idea of what’s involved in a career in aviation or even what career options are available to them. You, Yourself and Aviation gives them basic guidance about career choices, the advantages and disadvantages of modular and integrated training and what to look for in a good ATO.

Not all students have an ideal educational background for ATPL studies. Some lack basic knowledge of physics and many lack the elementary maths skills essential for ATPL work. All the basics are covered in STEM-A.

Similarly, students with no experience of aviation are often unaware of the amount of study involved. The Basic Aviation Theory book provides a primer, introducing selected subjects at an elementary level. This allows a prospective student to gain a sense of what might be involved. Those who fail to come to grips with this, or who are simply disinterested in this type of study, should (hopefully) be put off from a career in aviation. By contrast, those who read and enjoy the books should be encouraged to take their studies further.

Foundation Course Books

The three books comprising the Padpilot Foundation Course are:

  • You, Yourself and Aviation
  • STEM-A
  • Basic Aviation Theory