Foundation Studies Advice For Students



Padpilot is the only publisher to offer a complete foundation studies course, comprising: advice on career paths and choice of school; a STEM-A module (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths for Aviation) and an introduction to some of the basic concepts that you’ll first encounter if you decide to go further.

Our Foundation Studies books satisfy two vital requirements:

  • Firstly you need to be sure that a career in aviation is right for you. Then, having decided that you want to go for it, you need to prepare well for the rigorous study ahead. You, Yourself and Aviation describes the various career paths you can take and the various training pathways required to achieve your ambition.
  • Secondly you need to master all the basic skills in maths and physics which underpin PPL and ATPL theory. STEM-A is a comprehensive learning resource covering just about everything you need, from basic arithmetic to using a modern calculator.

Unless you are particularly able, or you’ve just left school or university, your maths and physics are probably a little rusty. If this is the case, we strongly recommend that you read STEM-A before you begin your main studies. We don’t have time to teach basic maths and physics in our ATPL books.


The Foundation course comprises 3 inexpensive books. We’ve deliberately priced them very low to make it easier for you to take a look at what’s involved in an aviation career, at minimal cost.

If you’ve already decided on a career as a pilot and have chosen a school, we strongly recommend that you download and read STEM-A before you do anything else.