Padpilot student Personal Stories

From CPL to fATPL

“I used Padpilot manuals while studying with ProPilot in Coventry a few years ago – they’re now part of L3 Harris.

I was slightly unusual among the ATPL ground school distance learners, as I was a serving RAF Engineer Officer with a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and was already a Flight Examiner,” says Matt Lane, RAF Tutor Pilot, CFI and Examiner.

However, I needed to upgrade my CPL to a full ‘frozen’ ATPL, so I enrolled in a distance learning ATPL ground school course. I was studying and doing my ATPL theory exams around a busy operational flying Squadron role – and a new baby.

The great accessibility and learning style of the Padpilot ATPL books genuinely got me through those times!

I’ve now left the regular RAF, but am serving as a Reservist in an Air Safety management role.

After my ATPL exam success, I gained a full Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine rating, and am now very busy instructing and examining. I also fly the Grob Tutor for the RAF, giving airborne experience for Air and University cadets and am about to upgrade to commercial multi engine instructional privileges in 2020.

I would definitely recommend Padpilot books for anyone needing to study ATPL theory, whatever their circumstances.”