George Personal Stories

From Student to Pilot

Arriving into Larnaca Airport for a family holiday, aged 8, I remember walking out through the doors of the old terminal and knowing, in that exact moment, that I wanted to be a pilot.

My parents bought me a trial flying lesson for my 14th birthday, and I completed my first solo nine days after my 16th birthday. I gained my Private Pilot Licence (PPL) aged 17 in 2015, went to college, and worked as a Flight Dispatcher at East Midlands Airport for a while.

I chose the modular route to complete my commercial pilot training and went to Aviation South West in Exeter. I studied for my ATPL theory exams there using Padpilot digital learning materials. In May 2018 I found out I had passed all 14 – it was an amazing feeling.

I can’t wait to get started and couldn’t be happier!
In February 2019, I achieved my Commercial Pilot Licence, and two months later I passed the ME/IR and MEP. I have recently been offered my dream job as a First Officer on the Dash 8 Q400 and will be based out of Edinburgh in Scotland. I can’t wait to get started and couldn’t be happier!

The most challenging part of the training process was, I felt, the theory exams. Padpilot’s books are particularly useful because they are regularly updated to keep current with the syllabus. Also, you can record your reading time, which helps you see how much of the subject you have covered and what you have remaining.

I also downloaded the Padpilot Engines app, which shows the workings of a jet engine, this – and all the other 3D models included in the books – are very detailed and help with your understanding of the enormous ATPL syllabus.