Gas turbine app illustration

Gas Turbine App

Gas Turbine App


Padpilot Learning Cores are the new way to learn ATPL theory without breaking a sweat! This Gas Turbines learning core is the first of what will eventually be a whole series of cores covering critical parts of each ATPL subject area.

This app helps you to understand the design, construction and function of a modern triple spool gas turbine engine

Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac


Gas Turbine App

Although it doesn’t teach you everything you need to know for the EASA exam (you still need to refer to our ATPL book) it does build a solid foundation of the basics. It’s also a fabulous learning tool for current airline pilots or engineers who wish to refresh their gas turbine knowledge.

Later versions of this core will include more elements illustrating, for example, detailed gas flow and gas turbine theory. Self-test EASA style questions are also coming soon..

At the heart of the learning core is a 3D model gas turbine engine based on the Rolls Royce Trent 1000. You can move it around any axis, show and hide individual components and animate some of the main elements such as the individual spools, the thrust reversers and the variable inlet guide vanes.

Tapping on individual components reveals a pop-up dialogue box which summarises the design and construction of the item. Where appropriate dialogue boxes also describe the most commonly associated threats or errors. They also contain links to the relevant chapters in our EASA ATPL Engines e-book so that you can research deeper where necessary.

Unique Padpilot navigation wheels let you quickly strip and re-build the engine, or identify by colour each of the three spools.

If you need to take a break from text-heavy learning, then Padpilot learning cores are the way to go.