Partner Schools

Goldwings Flight Academy

We’d like to introduce a new partner ATO,  Goldwings Flight Academy, who are based in Warsaw, Poland.

Goldwings is a large independent flight academy founded in 2009 which offers several advanced aviation training options including integrated and modular ATPL(A) programmes. The school operates a fleet of modern training aircraft with digital avionics, integrated flight instrument systems, synthetic vision and advanced safety features.

Padpilot is delighted to begin providing Goldwings with ground school materials for the new EASA ATPL 2020 theoretical knowledge syllabus, as well as PPL theory materials.

“Our organisation continues to develop by improving working and teaching methods. When it comes to learning aids, we often introduce the newest technology to make sure our students are provided with tools for improving their learning experience and enhancing their understanding, yet are easily accessible. For this reason, we have partnered with Padpilot, and we are glad we made it happen!” Arkadiusz Jesionek, CEO & Chief Flight
Instructor, Goldwings Flight Academy.

For more information about pilot training in Warsaw, please contact Goldwings Flight Academy.

We wish their student pilots every success!