Meet the partners: Airways Aviation ESMA, France.

December 15, 2023

Get to know Padpilot’s partner schools with our guest blog series.

Tell us about your training organisation (ATO)

AA: Located in the South of France, Airways Aviation ESMA is an ideal place for pilot training.

Our courses are taught by experienced instructors, many of whom come from airlines or the air force.

Training takes place on DA40 and DA42 aircraft, all equipped with GARMIN 1000. We operate 4 FNPT II simulators, 2 Mechtronix DA42, 1 Frasca DA42 and 1 ALSIM ALX MCC configured as a medium-range jet.

The school is equipped with several classrooms, briefing rooms, a flight preparation room and designated student areas including a cafeteria and rest area. The school also has its own PART 145-approved maintenance workshop

What is your approach to ATPL ground school?

AA: Our ATPL(A) theory courses comprise 13 modules and Area 100 KSA which is taught in 3 phases. The course lasts 9 months.

Our training is very much oriented towards practical experience, the pilot’s job and acquiring the necessary skills. We organise meetings, lectures, visits to maintenance workshops and the control tower, as well as practical exercises in the simulator and the flight attendant training hall throughout the course.

All our students have access to Padpilot books (either the eReader or Apple Book editions) and our instructors use Padpilot classroom presentations. We also have our own e-learning platform.

Our approved Area 100 KSA syllabus has three main objectives:

  • To firmly embed competency-based training in ground school.
  • To provide an effective bridge between theoretical knowledge training and flight training.
  • To encourage the development of the “thinking pilot”

How does Padpilot help your students’ ATPL theory studies?

AA: We’ve been using Padpilot materials since we introduced the new syllabus and the Area 100 KSA.

Our instructors and our students (both on-site and Distance Learning) are extremely satisfied with it.

Padpilot puts the theory into context, with plenty of case studies and operational examples which helps make studying more memorable for our students.

How do you help students prepare for the ATPL exams and their future career?

AA: ATPL theory at ESMA is divided into 3 phases, at the end of which are revision days supervised by instructors and help you prepare for the exams.

We also encourage a lot of group work between students to develop teamwork during the course. This way you will receive better training and be more competent since your knowledge will be based on reasoning and not just pure memorisation.

You will therefore have better chances of meeting airline requirements and securing a job

Airways Aviation ESMA Pilot Training Courses:

  • Modular ATPL theory (on-site)
  • Modular ATPL theory (distance learning)
  • Integrated ATPL
  • Hour building
  • MEP
  • UPRT
  • Conversions

Visit for more information about courses with Airways Aviation ESMA.

Headshot of Airways Aviation Esma CTKI, Emmanuel Brunel

Emmanuel Brunel

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Airways Aviation ESMA, France.

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We found that the quality of Padpilot materials was just what we have been looking for - plus the whole system setup and all the features - it was just a perfect match.

Jonas Hyldgaard

CTKI, Copenhagen Air Taxi

OMNI chose Padpilot as we believe in delivering the highest standards of learning experience, connecting new technologies and producing internationally competent individuals to the aviation industry. Receiving feedback from partner airlines about our pilot trainees who are technically ready and harnessed with leadership skills reaffirms this mission. With Padpilot, we help our trainees land a job and become Captain material.

J.P. A. Gomez


At L3 Harris, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality commercial pilot training in the market. It’s therefore important to work with third party suppliers that have best in class products and services on offer, ensuring we can support our cadets with the most up to date and innovative learning tools. We’re pleased to extend our contract with Padpilot and look forward to continuing to work with them in our shared aim to deliver world-class pilot training.

C. Rydon

L3Harris Airline Academy

We are thrilled to start cooperation with Padpilot. Thanks to this partnership we are able to provide our students with the best theoretical knowledge.

Royal Star

The books have a lot of references to new information, systems, and accidents that have happened lately, so you know they are very up to date.




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