Learning Management

Whether you’re offering full-time or distance-learning courses, it’s important to be able to quickly and easily track the progress and performance of your students. This is the job of the learning management system (LMS).

Our first edition books are accompanied by a bespoke LMS written by us specifically for managing ATPL students. This system will be steadily phased out as schools transfer to the new syllabus.

Our second edition books (for the EASA 2020 syllabus) are accompanied by a new 3rd party LMS which uses non-proprietary technologies. Using industry-standard software makes it better, cheaper, quicker and easier to port content from one industry-standard LMS to another.

A second advantage of the new LMS is that we can put the entire ATPL course into a series of online lessons.




PadpilotACE is the name we’ve given to our LMS facility. ACE stands for Assessment, Consolidation and Enhancement.

PadpilotACE is a new initiative. Currently it’s used primarily for delivering assessment modules to students and tracking performance. Consolidation and enhancement modules will follow.

Consolidation items will provide further practical examples for students to test themselves on. Enhancement items will add enrichment; for example, additional video explanations or links to external material. Putting them on PadpilotACE reduces the size of book downloads. ACE content will roll out steady over the next two years.


We are currently adding the entire Padpilot course to PadpilotACE as a series of learning modules. This will only be licensed to partner ATOs who have a pressing need to deliver to non-Apple devices. Licensing will be done on a case-by-case basis.

For a detailed explanation of the PadpilotACE LMS, and the options available to you,

Please contact Cristina


Students log-in, usually when prompted at the end of a chapter containing a progress test. If they use this route they’ll be taken straight to the appropriate test.

Alternatively, they can navigate directly to the LMS portal to view all their training history. Available training is set out in a series of drill-down screens, ultimately ending a piece of learning content, or a progress test or exam.

Any learning or assessment done inside the LMS is tracked and recorded.


Course managers login via the LMS Admin portal. This portal opens up views of all the available learning content.

  • Reports menu Padpilot LMS
  • Managers view Padpilot LMS
  • View Reports Padpilot LMS
  • View Progress, team leader Padpilot LMS
  • class performance Padpilot LMS
  • Class performance Padpilot LMS