Padpilot Learning Technologies

Padpilot books provide a number of aids to learning which improve the learning experience and enhance understanding.


Touch 3D‘ is the name we give to 3D models that can be moved and zoomed using finger gestures on an iPad or iPhone or mouse movement on a laptop. Currently all such models are held online because they are rendered ‘on-the-fly’.

When you tap on a 3D model placeholder on the page, the system takes you to the online model. Once it’s opened, you’re free to manipulate and explore it. If you so choose, you can view it as an AR object within your surroundings, or as VR.

Touch-3D models consume a lot of resources so, for the best user experience, make sure you have something better than a minimum spec iPad.

Touch-3D is perhaps the most important educational tool we’re currently developing. The ability to explore a scenario, an aircraft or a piece of technical equipment opens up understanding and engagement. A 5-minute interaction with, for example, a jet engine can replace several pages of text explanation.

More complex models and scenes are furnished with call-out notes to guide you. Here’s an example: