Partner Schools


Welcome aboard to new Padpilot partner school, Microburst SKY VOYAGERS, based at Budaörs Airport, Budapest.

Microburst began professional pilot training in Hungary in 1989 and has now trained many commercial airline pilots. Modular courses are available and the school prides itself on having a relaxed, family atmosphere while maintaining a disciplined and rigorous study programme with the highest standards.

Cadet pilots at Microburst will be using the new Padpilot 2nd Edition ATPL theory syllabus books for their ATPL ground school studies. These digital theory books are the most advanced on the market and are fully compliant with the Learning Objectives of the new 2020 EASA syllabus.

In addition to EASA ATPL ground school, Microburst offers glider, motor glider, helicopter and air traffic service training.

If you’d like to become a pilot in Budapest, please get in touch with Microburst. We wish their pilots every success in their ATPL theory programmes.