Moving theory supplier

We understand that moving from your current theory supplier can be a daunting proposition. So we provide you with practical hands-on help though every stage of the process. Onboarding with Padpilot usually following this sequence:


Your initial contact will be with Cristina Messaggi, our director of new business. Cristina will listen to what you want, outline the options and send you free sample books and classroom presentation sets for your evaluation.


We leave you alone to evaluate the Padpilot materials. This usually means giving sample copies to your instructors and allowing them time to evaluate the content. If they like what they read then we proceed to the next step.


You don’t need to contract with Padpilot to buy or use our ATPL(A), PPL(A) or ATPL(H) books. You can direct your students to buy them from the Apple bookstore or buy redeem codes yourself and then distribute them to your students. However, if you want to licence our classroom presentation sets, or use our online LMS facilities to track and record progress, then you will need to contract with us. If you need these options, Cristina will send you a specimen contract and agree terms with you.


After contract signing, Cristina and Padpilot’s support staff (Jill and Sammy) will:

  • Send you the training manual annexes and detailed syllabi which you use to obtain formal approval from your Authority.
  • Set up your LMS credentials and show you how to use the LMS.
  • Explain how to use the Apple redeem code system (or, if necessary, make arrangements to purchase redeem codes on your behalf).
  • Supply you with the complete set of classroom teaching slides which contain the images and animations included in the books, plus text bullet point slides, complete with instructor notes. (The slides sets are editable so that your own instructors can rearrange them and customise them as they see fit).
  • Jill and Sammy are available directly via our support phone number (no switchboard or call menus) to help you at every stage. They’ll make sure that your staff are ready and equipped in time for the first course and that you students have what they need.