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Panamedia International Flight School

Padpilot is delighted to welcome Panamedia International Flight School as a new partner ATO (Approved Training Organisation).

Based at Valencia International Airport and Son Bonet Airport, Majorca, Panamedia offers a wide range of aviation courses.

Their courses include complete modular and integrated professional pilot training, private pilot instruction and resettlement training.

Panamedia was founded in 1980 and aims to give each trainee pilot the very best flying experience.

We’re proud to now be providing ground school materials for their Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) students.

Padpilot was the best option for our students.

Cpt. Jose Parejo, Panamedia’s Head of Training, said: “We chose Padpilot books having researched all the available resources for theoretical knowledge teaching, and discovered Padpilot was the best option for our students.”

If you would like to learn to fly in Spain or Majorca, please get in touch with Panamedia, flight training school directly. We wish their student pilots every success in their PPL and ATPL programmes.