PPL(A) Information for ATOs

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Our PPL(A) Course

The PPL(A) books serve as an excellent lead-in to ATPL(A) studies when you’re offering integrated or integrated modular training. Alternatively the course is ideal as stand-alone study material for ATOs providing PPL(A) training.

The same qualities of rigour, thoroughness and readability that are the hallmark of our ATPL(A) are also applied to our approach to PPL.

Much of the content is drawn directly from our ATPL(A) books and then adapted to suit light aircraft. For example, images are changed to show light training aircraft and worked examples have been changed to use speeds, heights and conditions appropriate to light aircraft operations.

Because they copy the look and feel of the ATPL(A) material, the books are an excellent primer for further professional studies. Furthermore, the standardised look and feel, and similar writing and illustration styles, make for a seamless transition from PPL to ATPL studies.

Every syllabus topic required for the PPL theory exams is covered in depth. We also include additional vital information such as practical considerations when using GPS for visual navigation