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The Twin Purposes of The PPL

The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) course serves two purposes. For those intending to go no further than a PPL qualification, the books provide all the knowledge and skills you need to pass the PPL exams. More importantly, they provide you with the knowledge you need to operate a light aircraft safely and legally!

For those of you making the PPL your first step towards an ATPL, the books provide the depth and thoroughness to prepare you well for the much more demanding ATPL studies to come. Because we use the same style, formatting and illustration methods as our ATPL(A) books, you’ll find the transition from PPL studies to ATPL studies easy and familiar.

Students choosing a Modular, rather than Integrated ATPL(A) course must first have a valid PPL. So, for those of you intent on Modular learning, PPL theory is an essential first step.

Our PPL(A) Course

The same qualities of rigour, thoroughness, readability and accessibility that are the hallmark of our ATPL(A) books are also applied to our approach to PPL studies.

Every topic you need to know and understand for the PPL theory exams is covered in depth. We also include additional vital information such as the practical considerations of using GPS for visual navigation. Furthermore, our PPL(A) books are lavishly illustrated. Wherever we can explain something with a picture or a diagram or a video we try to do so.

Our PPL(A) Books