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Theoretical Knowledge for the PPL-A

Become a pilot

Learn to fly with a Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane) and enjoy the freedom of the air as pilot in command of a light aircraft fly (with non-commercial passengers).

If your plan is to train as an airline pilot, then gaining a PPL -A is also the first stage of the commercial training route known as the ‘modular’ pathway.

The modular pathway allows you to become a qualified commercial pilot by completing the necessary qualifications in stages, the first of which is the private pilot licence. For more about commercial pilot training, click here.

To become a private pilot, you’ll need to choose a PPL training course with an approved training organisation (ATO) or registered training facility (RTF). You can find a list of flight schools on your national aviation authority’s website and all worldwide Padpilot partner schools are listed here.

PPL training courses combine practical flying lessons with academic study (usually referred to as ‘ground instruction’). As you learn to fly you’ll also study basic aviation theoretical knowledge (‘theory’ for short) and you must pass exams in subjects such as Principles of Flight, Air Law, Communications and Meteorology before you can obtain your licence.

To pass the PPL theory exams, and to give yourself the best grounding in aviation theory, you’ll need up to date, easy to use textbooks that help you become a safe and knowledgable aviator.

Padpilot digital ebooks make PPL theory simple. Colourful, interactive animations and video content bring the syllabus to life, making ground training easy, understandable and memorable, even for complete beginners.

Introducing Padpilot PPL Books

  • 9 digital textbooks cover the full EASA PPL (A) syllabus 
  • Extra, FREE, introductory ‘Maths and Physics’ book available
  • Hundreds of PPL book downloads worldwide every month
  • Easy to read explanations 
  • Animations and video explanations make 
  • Notes and revision cards as you read
  • Regular, free, book updates mean you’re always studying the correct content  
  • Extra, practical information included helping you become a better pilot 
  • Ideal for the first stage of modular commercial pilot training 
  • Download just one PPL subject or all 10 ebooks
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Available to download direct and from partner schools

Padpilot solutions for PPL ground school

Do you need new, modern resources for your PPL ground school? We can help. 

Our interactive PPL theory books are based on our best-selling ATPL manuals and are extremely popular with student pilots worldwide.  In the past year, PPL books have been downloaded an average of 800 times per month. 

The nine subject books are perfectly complemented by corresponding sets of classroom presentations for instructors, making ground school easy to organise and plan. We also offer a new and updated Learning Management System that makes tracking student progress and results effortlessly. 

  • Interactive books that students love
  • Based on our best-selling ATPL books
  • The ideal preparation for ATPL studies 
  • PPL subject Instructor Presentations are available 
  • Learning Management System available 
  • Comprehensive technical and customer support from our friendly Support Team

Whether you’re offering a PPL (A) for modular commercial pilots or a stand-alone PPL course for private pilots, we’ll work with you to create a ground school package that suits you and your students, whatever the size of your organisation. 


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Books in the PPL (A) Course