Price reduction on Padpilot theory books (UK only)

The price of some pilot training manuals in the UK has now been reduced by 20% as the government has scrapped Value Added Tax on digital reading material.

Unlike paper books and magazines which are exempt from VAT, digital reading materials have been subject to a VAT rate of 20% in the UK until now. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans to axe the reading tax with effect from December 1st in his March budget but decided to make the change sooner because ‘millions have been relying more on e-publications’ during the lockdown.

This is good news for anyone wanting to learn to fly, and for aspiring airline pilots who may be using time at home during the Covid-19 pandemic to prepare for their future career by reading some of the material required for the ground school phase of pilot training.

Padpilot’s digital aviation books cover the theoretical knowledge needed for licence qualification at every stage of a pilot’s training. We believe the theory on which flight training is built on matters, and that having a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge is a vital part of pilot training.

The best theory books for pilot training in 2020

No other ground school material is as advanced, or as up-to-date as Padpilot theory materials. Our digital publishing platform allows us to update our books as soon as changes are needed, and we update them frequently. We keep an eye on syllabus, operational and tech updates, so you don’t have to – and you can be confident the books are always current.

With Padpilot books, student pilots engage with the reading material more interactively because we include thousands of videos, 3D models and animated graphics to bring the theory to life. These interactive features aid cadets’ understanding and lead to better knowledge retention. It is important to succeed in pilot training theory examinations, but it is also essential to be able to remember the theory long after the exams are over.

All Padpilot pilot training manuals are easy to read and suitable for beginners. They contain simple, straightforward explanations which assume no previous knowledge and build understanding incrementally through the course. The interactive content, mini case studies, Threat and Error flags and revision aids complement the text and deliver a learning experience that gives student pilots the best possible preparation for exam success and a future airline career.

Our digital books are available through enrolling with one of our partner ATOs (approved training organisations) or by purchasing directly from our Apple Books Store. They are available for iPad, Mac and iPhone and updates to existing books are always free of charge.

New prices for Padpilot books

The price of all Padpilot books in the UK is now reduced by 20%

Pilot Foundation Course
Our three-part Pilot Foundation Course answers the most common questions about flight crew careers and provides inspiration and practical information in equal measure. Together, these three ebooks give a solid foundation of industry and technical knowledge, equipping any young, aspiring pilot for future success.

Book 1: You, Yourself and Aviation

NOW £1.99

Book 2: STEM-A

NOW £4.99

Book 3: Basic Aviation Theory

NOW £6.99

Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)
This series of nine digital books will take you on the first steps of your journey to becoming a pilot, and will equip you with the knowledge needed for the EASA PPL (A) theory examinations. And, if you decide to continue your training and progress to commercial flying, these books will give you the best possible preparation for your ATPL theory studies.

Padpilot PPL (A) Theory Books:

Air Law
Aircraft General Knowledge
Flight Performance and Planning
Human Performance
Navigation and Radio Aids
Operational Procedures
Principles of Flight
NOW £14.99 each

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)
Padpilot books are the most advanced ATPL (A) theory books available. We have two series of digital ATPL books: The 1st Edition books for the old/current EASA theoretical knowledge syllabus (expires June 2022 in the UK) and the new, 2nd Edition series for the EASA 2020 syllabus, with updated content and new features.

If you are a student currently enrolled with a pilot training academy or ground school, please ask your training provider which ATPL edition to purchase. If you’re buying these books to self-study or distance learning in preparation for a future professional pilot training course, we recommend purchasing the 2nd Editions.

Padpilot ATPL (A) Theory books:

Air Law
Aircraft General Knowledge – Electrics
Aircraft General Knowledge – Engines
Aircraft General Knowledge – Airframes and Systems
Basic Instrumentation
Advanced Instrumentation
Mass and Balance
Flight Planning and Monitoring
Human Performance and Limitations
General Navigation
Radio Navigation
Operational Procedures
Principles of Flight
Communications (IFR and VFR)
Aeroplane Performance
1st Edition ATPL (A) books – NOW £24.99 each
2nd Edition ATPL (A) books – NOW £28.99 each

Competency Based Instrument Rating and En-Route Instrument Rating
The full set of seven Padpilot EASA CBIR & EIR books are designed to fulfil the requirements of the theoretical knowledge syllabus for both the EASA Competency Based Instrument Rating, and En-Route Instrument Rating and will ensure you receive the smartest education to help you become a competent and safe pilot in the challenging environment of instrument flight.

Padpilot CBIR & EIR books:

Air Law
Flight Planning
Human Performance
IFR Communications
Radio Navigation
NOW £24.99 each

Padpilot theory materials for training providers

For ATOs and RTFs, we can offer a full range of books as well as TK Instructor presentations, learning management systems, and training and compliance documentation. We can create a bespoke package for your organisation and provide comprehensive customer and technical support to partner schools through our dedicated Support Team. To find out more about Padpilot ground school solutions, please email or click here.