ATPL (Helicopter)

Padpilot ATPL(H) books help pilots prepare for the CPL or ATPL theory exams in a clear, straightforward way with content specifically created for the rotary world.

Containing no unnecessary fixed wing content, they comply fully with the CAA/EASA syllabus and have all the interactive features and contextual learning you expect from Padpilot.

For this series, we created thousands of new illustrations, animations and 3D models of helicopters and parts. But that’s not all that’s new.

Subject matter experts have rewritten every subject specifically for helicopter pilots to create the most up-to-date, advanced commercial helicopter theory series available.

ATPL(H) books are available for all devices via our multi-device eReader platform or in original Apple Book format as individual books.









    • 3 year subscription
    • Access on any 3 devices
    • Fully EASA/CAA compliant
    • Study aids included
    • Reading time logged (online only)
    • 3D models, animations & video
    • Extra Insights feature shows theory in action
    • Case Studies throughout
    • Threat and Error Management flags
    • End of chapter LO summaries
    • Revision quizzes included
    • For modular and integrated courses
    • No previous knowledge required
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    Padpilot ATPL(H) books and accompanying classroom presentations are now available for all devices on our eReader platform.

    To build a ground school package that suits your school, please get in touch. Padpilot training partners benefit from:

    • Interactive heli-specific theory books
    • Always current and updated
    • End of chapter LO summaries
    • End of chapter revision quizzes
    • Editable classroom presentations
    • Feedback question bank option
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Course admin & compliance help
    • Technical support team
    • Unparalleled customer care

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    Padpilot ATPL(H) books

    Explore in 3D

    Rotate, manipulate and explore some of the syllabus with educational 3D models. As a result, engagement increases, improving memory retention and creating a richer learning experience.

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