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At Padpilot, we’re passionate about creating the most advanced educational materials for the ground school phase initial pilot training. We’re a UK-based digital publishing company, proud to provide teaching and learning resources to pilot training academies all over the world.

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Our mission

The thrill of learning to fly is undeniable.

But the theoretical knowledge (ground school) phase of pilot training can sometimes be a missed opportunity. When students are encouraged to simply memorise a question bank in order to pass the regulatory theory exams, no one benefits.

Who would you prefer to fly with?

A well-educated, intelligent aviator who engaged with their learning during ground school and who is committed to developing their knowledge, skills and experience for the duration of their career is an asset to any operation. And is the pilot you’d want to fly your family.

At Padpilot, we believe the knowledge and understanding gained during ground school is an essential foundation for flight training and, subsequently, airline training.

Our partner ATOs feel the same. It’s our mission to create the most up-to-date, advanced and interactive theory resources for ATOs, enabling ATOs to give their student pilots the best possible professional career preparation.

Understanding alongside knowledge; education alongside training. Everything we do is devoted to that aim.


Case studies and threat and error management (TEM) key points demonstrate the relevance of the subject matter


Digital publishing means updates and enhancements are quickly implemented and available. No out-of-date charts here.


Comprehensive, easy to read and with plenty of interactive content too, the level of detail is just right.


Every EASA Learning Objective is reconciled to a paragraph, and the results published in downloadable spreadsheets for partner ATOs.