Our story

Padpilot is a UK-based digital publisher providing aviation teaching and learning resources to pilot training organisations worldwide.

Several of our team have been involved in learning system development since 1999. Back then – when black and white photocopied ATPL notes were standard – we first published e-book versions. But we wanted to give student pilots a richer learning experience than was possible with the existing technology.

In 2010, Apple launched its groundbreaking iPad. And we knew it was time. We registered our domain name the very next day and a new generation of pilot training books was born.

A pioneering approach

Padpilot launched the first interactive ATPL manuals for iPad in 2011. Since then, cadets and ATOs have downloaded more than 270,000 theory books worldwide. And we’re proud to have partnered with more than 130 academies, universities and national air forces to help deliver a productive, engaging theoretical knowledge education for the next generation of pilots.

We continue to take advantage of tech innovations to develop new, increasingly immersive courseware for trainee pilots, but it’s not just about the technology.

What drives us is a fundamental desire to raise ground training standards and, consequently, pilot safety.

The mission

We all remember our first solo. The thrill of piloting an aircraft is undeniable! But, during the training process, the theory phase can sometimes be a missed opportunity.

No one benefits when students are encouraged to simply memorise the answers to exam questions to pass the regulatory theory exams.

Who would you prefer to fly your family?

A well-educated, intelligent aviator who engaged with ground school and is committed to developing their knowledge, skill and experience for the duration of their career? Or someone who did the bare minimum and relied on the question databases to pass the exams?

At Padpilot, we believe that ground school matters.

Smarter education

So our materials are designed to bring theory out of the page and into life, encouraging deeper, long-term understanding. In addition, we’ve worked closely with airlines to identify core knowledge and skills requirements. Our content is based on the EASA Learning Objectives, plus an in-depth analysis of what students need to become competent airline pilots.

We know that, done well, the knowledge and understanding gained during ATPL ground school is an essential foundation for a pilot’s flight training and, later, airline training.

Our partners feel the same.

That’s why we create the most up-to-date, advanced theory resources for ATOs; enabling training providers to give the next generation of pilots the best possible career preparation.

Understanding alongside knowledge; education alongside training. Everything we do is devoted to that aim.


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