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A smarter theory education

On any device

Padpilot’s EASA-approved theory books can now be read on any device thanks to our eReader content platform.

Along with our matching classroom presentations and new learning management system, Padpilot resources help training providers all over the world deliver a modern, engaging theoretical knowledge education for student pilots.

Available for Pilot Foundations, and CAA/EASA PPL(A), ATPL(A) and ATPL(H).

Multi-device eBooks

Interactive visual content, case studies, and simple language bring theory to life to help students understand faster and remember longer.

Classroom Presentations

Editable Power Point slide decks that follow our eBook content – whatever device your students use – making ground instruction easier to plan and deliver.

Exam and career focus

Deliver a theory education that creates exam success and career preparation.

With Padpilot, students get an up-to-date CAA/EASA theoretical knowledge education that equips them for the aviation industry as it is today. They’ll learn both what they need for the regulatory exams and what they’ll need to know for type training and beyond.


Learning Management

The Padpilot LMS is more powerful than ever. Monitor and manage pilot training in more detail with updated functionality including easy scheduling for multiple cohorts, reading time updates, certificates, and custom reporting. 


Get access to a library of training and compliance documents that ease the change-over or approval process. And once everything’s set up, our dedicated Support Team delivers ongoing assistance 365 days a year.

Interactive Learning

Animations, video and interactive 3D models give lift to ATPL teaching and learning.

Take ground school to new heights

Tailored solutions for training organisations of all sizes.

Global partners

Find an approved training organisation from our list of global partners. These schools offer EASA approved ATPL(A), ATPL(H), CBIR and/or PPL(A) ground school materials from Padpilot.

Our aim is to set a new training standard within our industry for how to educate commercial pilots. We come with massive experience within the aviation training industry and we know where to set the standards. Therefore we chose Padpilot's platform and materials as we want the cutting edge of training materials, fit for the high training standards we set.

Ole Moldt Jensen

Accountable Manager, Dansk Pilot Uddannelse

The combination of text, illustrations and videos helps me understand ATPL concepts far more easily. (e.g. Gyroscopes)



Excellent work on the helicopter ATPL books - and desperately needed in a training environment where so many resources are based on fixed wing theory.

Jakob Dingemans


Padpilot make reading more enjoyable - the learner can interact with the book and it’s a pleasure to study, in comparison to other similar products on the market.



Thank you so much for your patience and outstanding customer service! I highly appreciate this helpful and efficient attitude, also the high level of customer service. Thanks a million again.