Frequently asked questions

I am an Aviation student looking for general advice, where do I begin?

Please see our guidance page for general advice on Aviation training.

Are the Padpilot books available for Android devices?

No, they are only available for iPads, iPhones or Macs (OS X Mavericks or later).

Why can’t I purchase Padpilot books from the Apple bookstore in my country?

Unfortunately Apple only offers this type of book in about 52 Apple Bookstore worldwide. If your country isn’t included then you can still buy Padpilot books by setting yourself up with a UK Apple ID. This is quite easy to do. Call our support team to get help.

Why are Padpilot books only available on IOS and Mac OS.?

We deliberately made the decision only to publish on Apple devices because IOS and MacOS are far more secure than any Android device on the market. Furthermore, the operating system is consistent across all device types which make it much easier for us to confirm that what we publish looks and feels how it was intended to look and feel. This greatly reduces our technical support load. We pass this benefit on to you as lower priced books!

Why don’t you offer printed versions of your books

We used to but we couldn’t figure out a way to add video, audio and touch 3D models! More seriously Padpilot is committed to greener and more sustainable production; we don’t like cutting down trees. Last but not least, almost any modern aircraft you may fly now puts all its documentation onto a tablet or laptop. So, you need to become used to reading from and writing to tablet devices.
By far the most common tablet device used on flight decks is the iPad.

Why do I have to buy an expensive iPad just to read Padpilot books?

Please see our FAQ above. We need to deliver electronically because more and more of our content involves interactions with video and 3D models.
But really, in comparison to the total cost of your pilot training, an iPad Mini or second-hand iPad is a tiny fraction of your expenditure. Owning an iPad gives you free updates (for the edition) for all Padpilot books that you purchase. That’s an absolute bargain!

Do I have to pay for updates to Padpilot books?

Within an edition, all updates are free for the life of that edition. Padpilot’s first edition ATPL(A) books have been available for several years and are still being updated for free! If you purchase our latest Padpilot, second edition, ATPL(A) books then you will benefit from free updates for the life of this edition. We don’t yet know how long that may be.

What if I have problems downloading the Padpilot books?

Download issues can sometimes be resolved by syncing your iPad with your PC or Apple Mac. If this does not resolve the issue, make sure that your iPad has sufficient available Hard Drive space.

Set your iPad ‘sleep’ settings to ‘Never’ while it is downloading (Settings – General – Auto-Lock – set to ‘Never’). 
On your iPad, in your ibooks library, click “Select” top right, now find the title which you are unable to update. Point to it (so there is a tick bottom right) and then choose “Delete” (top left). This removes the title from your iPad. 
Now give your iPad a reboot (power it down and then back on again) 
Go to the Purchased tab (bottom right) in the ibook app and find the ibook title again and re-download it. 
If it still does not work, then delete the ibook(s) from your PC/Laptop and iPad, re-download the book on to your PC/Laptop and then manually sync it with your iPad.

What if I get an error message saying ‘Authentication Error’?

If you get an ‘authentication error’ message, please contact us as support@padpilot.com and we will attempt to resolve the problem at our end.

What if I see an error or incorrect information in any of the Padpilot books?

We try to ensure that the content in our books is accurate and up to date. Occasionally we make mistakes which we rectify quickly when we see them. If you see a potential error in any of our books please tap on the link in the Addendum to call up an error reporting form.

How do you use my data?

We don’t use your data – a least we don’t use your data in any of our Padpilot books. We don’t even use cookies on this website, which is why you haven’t been asked to agree to them. If you or your ATO choose to use our online facility PadpilotACE then we will ask you for your permission to store your (encrypted) login details.
ATOs using PadpilotACE will ask your permission to store and use the results of any progress test and final exams that you take.

What is PadpilotACE? I’ve seen a link to it at the bottom of chapter summary pages.

PadpilotACE (Assessment Consolidation Enhancement) is a new initiative from Padpilot. Currently it only holds progress tests and final exams which your ATO may ask you to complete. Eventually we will add other content to support and supplement the material in our books.