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Pilot Training Questions 

I want to become a pilot, where do I begin?

We have written a blog all about this. You can find it here.

Or if you are already familiar with the pilot training pathways, check out our Students page for more information on gaining your pilot licences.

Which pilot training school should I attend?

Choosing where to enrol is a big decision. The quality of training matters, so visit every school or academy you’re considering and ask lots of questions (find 13 important ones here) including which ground school materials they use for the classroom phase of training.

There are Padpilot partner training organisations who deliver excellence in training all over the world. Find them here.

What is ground school?

Ground school is the academic or ‘theory’ phase of pilot training and is sometimes referred to as ‘ground training’ or ‘theoretical knowledge training’. Training organisations offer ground school in different ways (e.g full time, part time, distance learning, virtual) but the exams you must pass are the same regardless of how you complete your theory studies. Find more information for Student pilots here.

How long does ATPL ground school take?

This depends on which course you enrol on and how much time you have. If you study full time, you can complete your studies in 6-9 months. If part time, perhaps via distance learning, the timeframe can vary much more, depending on your other commitments. There is a time limit however, and once you sit your first exams, you must complete them all within 18 months. Please talk to an approved training provider for more advice.

Can I study ATPL theory myself via distance learning?

If you opt for modular (step by step) commercial pilot training, you have the option to complete ATPL ground school via distance learning.

It’s an affordable, flexible way to study around work, family or other commitments, but requires self-discipline and commitment. You’ll need to enrol on a distance learning ATPL theory course with an approved training organisation and you’ll be given a programme of self-study as well as compulsory teaching sessions (in person or virtually, depending on the ATO).

Padpilot books were originally designed for distance learners and explain everything very simply. Some Padpilot partner ATOs offer distance learning courses and you can download our free guide to studying at home.

I am interested in using Padpilot ground school materials for my ATO

Please see our ATO page for information on the TK resources we offer pilot training organisations.

Padpilot Book Questions

How much do Padpilot books cost?

Padpilot eReader books are available on a subscription basis:

  • ATPL(A) complete set = £463.84 (3 year subscription)
  • ATPL(H) complete set = £559.84 (3 year subscription)
  • PPL(A) complete set = £134.91 (2 year subscription)
  • Pilot Foundation Course complete set = £49.00 (1 year subscription)
How can I purchase Padpilot books?

Most Padpilot books are now available on all devices: Android, Apple, browsers, and offline (once downloaded).

The following book sets are on our multi-device eReader platform:

  • Pilot Foundation Course
  • PPL(A)
  • ATPL(A)
  • ATPL(H).

To purchase any of these book sets, complete your subscription order here. Full instructions for downloading your books will be emailed to you.

Individual editions of all our theory books are still available to download from our Apple Bookstore

ATOs/Pilot training providers – please contact us to find out more about licensing the Padpilot eReader books and accompanying resources.

Can I renew a Padpilot eReader subscription?

Yes, you can. You’ll automatically receive an email towards the end of your subscription period asking if you would like to renew your book subscription at a reduced rate.

Can I convert my Padpilot iBooks to the eReader?

No. The eReader is not hosted on the same platform as Apple Books so it’s not possible to convert iBooks to the eReader. If you have access to our iBooks, we recommend you continue your course with these. The content in the new eReader books is exactly the same as the iBook editions.

Are Padpilot books available for Android devices?

Yes! You can now use any device to read most Padpilot books with our new eReader platform.

In fact, you can use up to 3 different devices on one subscription. For example, Apple, Android and an online reader via the web. (We recommend Chrome as your browser) However, you can only sign in to one device at a time.

To order a subscription to a complete set of Pilot Foundations, PPL(A),  ATPL(A) or ATPL(H) books for the eReader please use this order form.

Can I get a printed version of Padpilot books?

We used to print ATPL theory books, but we couldn’t figure out a way to add the interactive video, audio and touch 3D models!

Digital books have many benefits in addition to their interactive capabilities: they’re greener and more sustainable; we don’t like cutting down trees; they’re easy to update which means students are always studying the most current information (no out of date charts here).

Plus, almost any aircraft you will go on to fly will have its documentation on a tablet or laptop. You’ll need to become used to using tablets and by far the most common device used on flight decks is the iPad.

How do I update my Padpilot book?

When we publish an eReader book amendment an ‘update’ symbol will appear on the book on your bookshelf. Click the icon and the updated book will download. Any notes, highlights etc will be transferred automatically.


Are book updates free?

Yes, within an edition, all updates are free for the life of that edition.

Which device do I need for Padpilot books?

Any device. You can use any device to read Padpilot books with our  eReader platform.

In fact, you can have your eReader books up to 3 different devices with one subscription. For example, Apple, Android and an online reader via the web. (We recommend using Chrome as your browser) However, you can only sign in to one device at a time.

The Padpilot eReader is hosted on the Kitaboo platform. Check out their current device and operating system recommendations here

To purchase a subscription for a complete set of Pilot Foundations, PPL(A), ATPL(A) or ATPL(H) eReader books, please use this order form.

Approximately 11GB of storage is needed for the full ATPL(A) set of books.

Apple devices only. To download individual iBook editions from our Apple Bookstore you’ll need an Apple device (iPad, MacBook, Mac, iPhone) that runs a minimum of iOS 12 and has at least 5GB of storage for the ATPL books is required.

How do I log reading time on Padpilot books?

Reading time is automatically recorded for online reading in the eReader book editions.

If you have downloaded your books to the Android or iOS tablet or phone apps and you’d like to study with your device in flight mode (or your device has no actively-running internet connection) then your reading time will be uploaded and updated when you next go online.

How do I make notes in my Padpilot books?

The Padpilot eReader App allows you to annotate your books, make notes, highlight text and more.


  1. Select the word(s) you would like to highlight
  2. Select the colour of the highlight
  3. Highlights Filter: Click on the bottom of your screen and the menu bar will appear
  4. Select My Data from the left-hand side menu


  1. Click on the bottom of your screen and the menu bar will appear
  2. Select notes icon
  3. Select which colour (you can filter notes by colour)
  4. Type your note
  5. Save
  6. Notes filter:click on the bottom of your screen and the menu bar will appear
  7. Select my data from the left-hand side menu

Pen Tool:

  1. Click the bottom of your screen to display the menu
  2. Select the pen icon
  3. Colour palette icon enables you to choose a colour code for the pen tool
  4. Thickness icon lets you choose the desired thickness for the pen
  5. Eraser icon enables you to erase the content drawn on the page
  6. Undo icon lets you revert the changes done by the undo button
  7. Clear all icon enables you to reset all data that has been entered on the page

Please refer to your User Guide for more information.

We are in the process of updating the help videos on our Youtube channel.

I am having problems downloading Padpilot books

Downloading eReader books

  1. Download the Padpilot eReader Android, iOS tablet or phone app.
  2. Order a book subscription.
  3. Once you’ve received your welcome email, go to the app and sign in with your Unique ID.
  4. Download your books. 
  5. If you’ve completed all these steps and are still having problems, please contact our Support Team. 

Apple Books – Download issues can sometimes be resolved by syncing your iPad with your PC or Apple Mac. If this does not resolve the issue, make sure that your iPad has sufficient available Hard Drive space.

  1. Set your iPad ‘sleep’ settings to ‘Never’ while downloading (Settings – General – Auto-Lock – set to ‘Never’).
  2. On your iPad, in the Apple Books library, click ‘Select’ top right, and find the title you cannot update. Point to it (so there’s a tick bottom right) and then choose ‘Delete’ (top left). This removes the title from your iPad.
  3. Give your iPad a reboot (power it down and then back on again).
  4. Go to the Purchased tab (bottom right) in the Books app, find the book title again then re-download it.
  5. If that does not work, delete the book(s) from your device, re-download the book onto your laptop and then manually sync it with your iPad.
How do I get Padpilot books if my country doesn’t have an Apple Books Store?

You no longer need to access the Apple Book Store to get Padpilot books.

Our books are now available on any device. Order a subscription to a complete set of Pilot Foundations, PPL(A), ATPL(H) or ATPL(A) theory books for Apple, Android and desktop with our new eReader platform, here.

I have an ‘Authentication Error’ message?

If you get an ‘authentication error’ message, please contact us at

Why are my Apple Books showing a price next to them?

As long as you add the same Apple ID to your device, you can download ALL historic Apple purchases to the device (and to any subsequent devices you may purchase in the future).

Assuming you’ve added the same Apple ID to your device, simply open the Apple Books app on your device and look in your library. There you should find all books showing (with a cloud symbol) and you can now download them.

If the books are not showing in your library then you will need to either:

  1. Check your hidden purchases (click on READING NOW, then the silhouette icon, then scroll down to HIDDEN PURCHASES)
  2. Search for the book title using the magnifying glass symbol.
I’ve found an error in a Padpilot book

We welcome your feedback.

If you see a potential error, please go to the Addendum at the end of the book and tap on the Errata button to report an error or make a suggestion.

Alternatively, access the form here.

How do you use my data?

We don’t. We don’t even use cookies on this website, which is why you haven’t been asked to agree to them. If you or your ATO choose to use PadpilotACE then we will ask you for your permission to store your (encrypted) login details. ATOs using PadpilotACE will ask your permission to store and use the results of any progress test and final exams that you take.

Do you have Basic Instrument Rating books?

No, we have not created theory notes for the BIR course.

In the past, EASA required the same theory content for both the Competency Based Instrument Rating and En-route Instrument Rating course, but they recently decided to make the syllabus of the BIR course different from that of the CBIR course.

The BIR subjects are:

  • Air Law
  • Instruments
  • Flight Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Communications

We do not recommend purchasing the 2020 CBIR books for BIR study. Much of the ATPL syllabus material that was removed from the CBIR course is still applicable to the BIR syllabus. So we recommend consulting the EASA document below for the BIR Learning Objectives and using the 2nd Edition ATPL books for the course content. Most of the BIR LOs are covered in the Basic Instruments book.

For more information on the BIR Learning Objectives, please consult EASA’s reference document.

Padpilot LMS Questions

What is the Padpilot LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System or Software. It’s one of the ground school resources we offer pilot training organisations.

Read more about Padpilot TK resources here.

What are the differences between PadpilotACE and the Padpilot LMS?

PadpilotACE is the original LMS. Most partner schools are now using the new, enhanced Padpilot LMS.

Benefits of the Padpilot LMS:

  1. Reading time records for students and instructors
  2. Progress tests & exams can now be scheduled
  3. Enrol student groups into different modules
  4. Extra attempts can be added to tests & exams
  5. Instructors can view test content completed
  6. Custom reporting available
  7. Course completion certificate generation
  8. One web link for access
  9. Customise your LMS content
  10. How To Guides included on dashboard
How do I log in?

You can sign in to the Padpilot LMS, PadpilotACE and Padpilot eReader here.

I have forgotton my password

Go to the sign in page here.
Click the relevant login button and then ‘Forgotten Password’.
Follow the instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time.
Contact the Support Team if you need further assistance. 

How l produce a Course Participant Report?

For LMS subscribers there are full instructions in your dashboard. You can also watch this video.

How do I enrol users and schedule enrolment?

For LMS subscribers there are full instructions in your dashboard. You can also watch this video.

How do I produce a Class Reading Time report?

For LMS subscribers there are full instructions in your dashboard. You can also watch this video.

I am interested in the Padpilot LMS for my organisation

Take a look at the ATO resources page for information on the TK optioms we offer pilot training organisations.

To schedule a no-obligation demo, please book a meeting here.


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