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Attaining new heights starts on the ground.

Padpilot creates the most advanced resources for the theoretical knowledge element of pilot training. We’re not a school, we’re a digital publisher. And if you need the leading materials for elevating ground training, we’ve got you covered.

For ATO/DTOs looking to take ground school to the next level, or student pilots looking for exam-friendly, career-focused ebooks – now available on all devices – we can help.

Not all theory books are created equal. Order a subscription to our best-selling books via the button below, or scroll down to explore our materials for each theory course.

Explore Padpilot theoretical knowledge courses:

Your books are excellent! I managed to get 97%, 95% and 93% in Air Law, OP and M&B just using your books. They are well written with just the right amount of detail.



Padpilot books make studying incredibly easy because you can search keywords for specific subject areas.



Love your books. They're improving big knowledge gaps I had, especially for Meteorology. And super nice job the way you designed the PoF book as well - it helps so much with understanding everything.

Michael Pace


Padpilot make reading more enjoyable - the learner can interact with the book and it’s a pleasure to study, in comparison to other similar products on the market.



I studied carefully every topic in the ATPL material to gain comprehensive knowledge. I was well prepared for the new exam content and scored above 90% in every subject!



More books

PPL Maths & Physics

A short, free Apple Book that teaches the knowledge required for PPL ground school and beyond. Work through it at your own pace to refresh the school lessons you may have forgotten.

ATPL Maths & Physics

Revise the maths & physics needed for pilot selection and ATPL training with this free Apple Book. It contains the same content as the PPL Maths & Physics book, so you don’t need both. 

Guide to Distance Learning

A free Apple Book study companion for modular ATPL distance learners and anyone studying Padpilot books on their own. Contains a study programme, tips and information.  

Gas turbine learning core

Take a break from studying Gas Turbine Engines to play in 3D. Build, zoom and learn visually with this interactive app which you can use alongside our ATPL(A) Engines book. 

The Complete Flying Instructor

Detailed explanations on how to teach the Basic Flight Techniques and become an effective instructor. Written by experienced Flying Instructors to help you improve and standardise your instructional skills and techniques.

DA42 Type Conversion Course

Written to help students who are converting to the twin-engine DA42. Includes detailed Mass & Balance and Performance calculation explanations and an introduction to the Bendix King KAP 140 Autopilot and G1000.

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