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Padpilot specialises in aviation theory for students and instructors. We’re not a school, we’re a publisher, and if you need ground school resources, we’ve got you covered.

For ATOs wanting to upgrade their theoretical knowledge provision, or for student pilots looking for the most advanced theory books, we can help. From Foundation stage to ATPL, explore our best selling ebooks below and download free samples from the Apple Bookstore.

For ATOs we offer bespoke packages of interactive instructor and student resources, support documentation, and learning management systems for ground schools of all sizes. Find out more here

Interactive theory books for student pilots 

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The Complete Flying

Learn how to teach the basic flight techniques and improve your instructional skills.

DA42 Type Conversion

An introduction to the Diamond DA42 with detailed information on the systems and calculations required for this aircraft.


Gas Turbine Learning

Understand the gas turbine engine in 3D. Build, zoom, interact, learn – without reading lots of text.